3 Ways to Make Your Home Safer!

September 10, 2019

If you are a home owner, the protection of your valuables and personal safety should be a top priority. Protecting your home does not have to be a pain! With some preparation, you can make your home safer without spending much time or effort. Here are 3 ways to make your home safer without the stress and money. 

Fire Safety

You should have at least one smoke detector installed on each floor of your home. The smoke detectors should be regularly tested to ensure their functionality. Changing batteries in smoke detectors can be easy to forget, so do not buy one to just hang on the ceiling with no purpose. The low battery signal will eventually stop making noise, so be sure to remember while you are away from the home. Though this seems obvious, a shocking low 19 percent have tested their alarm on a quarterly basis. Also, make sure your home has a planned fire escape and a fire extinguisher.  Be more prepared if your home is connected with Bates Security. Non-monitored smoke detectors only make noise where ours alert the fire department on the moment, keeping your loss to a minimum. 

Avoid Injuries

Take a tour through your home and take note of any areas that are the most likely to cause slips, trips and falls. Improve or upgrade any loose wires, rugs, cluttered floors or dimly lit stairwells to enhance your family’s safety. The most common cause of injuries in the home is falls, so don’t overlook this simple tip. Once your home hazards are eliminated, you and your family will feel more at ease. 

Reduce Access to Water Sources

Water is one of the most dangerous items in the house. If you have young children or pets, water is even more dangerous. Due to the hazard, do not leave your kids or pets without supervision. It takes only an inch of water for an infant to drown. To take more precaution, update your security system to include a water leak detection system. This will prevent small leaks from becoming pricey floods.

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