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Retail Security Systems

Protecting Your Business with Tailored Retail Security Solutions

In the dynamic world of retail, security is paramount. At Bates Security, we under­stand the unique challenges faced by retail businesses. From safeguarding valuable inventory to ensuring the safety of customers and staff, our customized retail security solutions are designed to address every aspect of your store’s security needs.

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Bates Security Accolades

  • Custom-designed security systems
  • Guaranteed instal­la­tions and live, local customer support.
  • Secured, 24/7 wireless monitoring for fire and burglar alarms.

Enjoy one provider who can handle all your security and life safety functions.

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Video Surveillance Cameras

Bates Security offers advanced video surveillance systems tailored for retail security. These systems are designed to tackle issues like shoplifting and employee theft effectively, providing high-quality footage essential for both deterrence and investigation. With cloud-based or on-site data storage options, our surveillance solutions are versatile, fitting any retail environment seamlessly.

Our cameras feature motion detection, night vision, and real-time alerts, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of critical areas such as entrances, exits, and high-value zones. This integration with mobile applications allows for remote monitoring, offering retail owners and managers consistent oversight and peace of mind. Our expert team ensures strategic camera placement for optimal coverage, making our surveillance systems a key component in a robust retail security strategy.

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Burglary Alarm Systems

Retail stores require robust burglary alarm systems to protect against theft and break-ins. Our systems include cutting-edge motion detectors, window and door sensors, smart locks, and infrared cameras. With 24/7 monitoring, we ensure that your retail space is always protected, providing peace of mind even when you are away. Additionally, our retail alarm systems can be equipped with a panic button, available in both wireless and hardwired configurations, which, when activated, promptly alerts our monitoring center to dispatch the police immediately.

We provide the following burglary alarm services:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support from our central monitoring station.
  • Pre-set notification chains to get the right people to your property during an emergency.
  • Remote access capabilities and verified video response (available to customers with compatible surveillance systems).
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Access Control

Access Control Systems

Control who has access to stock rooms, offices, and other sensitive areas with our sophisticated access control systems. We offer a range of solutions, from key fobs and badges to smartphone-based applications, all designed to provide secure and convenient access management tailored to your retail business's specific needs.

We provide the following access control services and equipment:

  • Cloud-hosted access control management
  • App-based management and control
  • Local management
  • A wide range of access control equipment
  • Managed access
  • ID badging
  • ID badge printing
  • Full system integration
  • System design and installation
  • Local support and management
  • Door monitoring and power supervision
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Fire System

Fire Alarms and Fire Inspections

Fire safety is critical in any retail environment. Our NICET Certified specialists provide comprehensive fire alarm systems and safety inspections, ensuring your business complies with all fire codes and regulations. From system design and installation to monitoring and regular inspections, we cover all aspects of fire safety.

We provide the following fire system services and equipment:

  • Fire system design
  • Fire system installation and monitoring
  • Sprinkler monitoring
  • Fire inspections
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems (EVAC)
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Emergency call station monitoring
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Service Commitment and Guarantee Policy

No other security company is as committed to your company's well-being as Bates. We back that commitment up with certain guarantees granted to our clients.

Our "Commitment to Service" guarantees the following:

  • $2,500 performance warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Same-day emergency service guarantee
  • False alarm guarantee
  • Lifetime equipment and service warranty
  • See your consultant for complete details and eligibility.
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