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Business Surveil­lance Systems & Video Monitoring

Keep an Eye on Your Business When You’re Away from Business

With remote video surveil­lance, you can be in two places at once. And Bates Security can set every­thing up.

From designing custom video systems to upgrading your existing CCTV camera systems, our expert consul­tants will find the right video equipment for your business.

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What we offer

Surveillance systems

We sell, install, maintain, and monitor camera types for every situation.

Video recording

With the latest in digital video recorders, you can store your video digitally on-site and access it on any web-capable device.

Convenient phone applications

See what your surveillance network sees in real-time from anywhere. With our convenient phone app, you'll stay apprised of the goings-on at your property no matter where you are.

Verified video systems

By monitoring your video security surveillance system, we can verify if a crime is actually taking place or not. This reduces false alarms and helps us dispatch the police with a higher priority.

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I‑View Now Video Verification

Custom Designed

How we custom design your commercial surveillance system

  1. Schedule

  2. Analyze

    Our security consultant will talk to you about your needs and analyze each point of interest in your business. 

  3. Design

    We'll design the video surveillance system ensuring that you have the correct camera for each shot. 

  4. Install

    Our certified technicians work with your IT department to install all the security video surveillance equipment. They also provide extensive training, so there's no guessing how anything works. 

  5. Check

    We do a "health check" on your security cameras to ensure that they're working 24/7. 

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