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Water Leak Detection Systems

A Burst Pipe Costs Thousands. Prevention Costs Pennies.

Imagine coming home to this: Your floor is soaked, mold has started to grow, and your dog is franti­cally barking. A pipe has burst and flooded your home — and it’s going to cost thousands to fix. But with a water leak detection system, not only can we alert you to a flood, we can stop them, too.
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How It Works

How we monitor your home for water leaks

  1. Custom design your system

    First, we'll set up the water sensors near appliances that need it most, like your water heater and washing machine. 

  2. Sense for water leaks

    Then, if any of your appliances leak or flood water, the sensor will set off an alarm and can send an instant notification to your phone. So you can stop floods early before they cause any major water damage. 


Water leak detection alerts on smart phone upgrade lexington

Get alerts sent to your phone

Upgrade to home automation to get emergency notifications (like those from your water sensors) sent to your smartphone or web-enabled device.
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Your custom-designed system can include:

Water defense leak sensing alarm equipment lexington

Water Defense Leak Sensing Alarm

If this sensor detects water, your security system will sound an alarm. You can mount it on a wall or in another room to make sure you hear it.
Lyric wi fi water leak and freeze detector equipment lexington

Lyric™ Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

At the first signs of a leak, frozen pipe, or excess humidity this sensor can alert your smartphone.

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