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Fire Detection Systems

Fight Fire with Firefighters

Do you know the problem with non-monitored smoke detectors? They only tell YOU there’s a fire. So if you’re not home, these detectors are useless. With wireless smoke detectors + fire monitoring, we dispatch firefighters to your home at the first sign of a fire.
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How It Works

How we monitor your home for fires

  1. Set up the sensors

    First, we'll install wireless smoke and heat detectors in the perfect places to monitor and detect fires in your home. 

  2. Sense smoke or fire

    Then, if a fire flares up, your detectors will sound an alarm and send a signal to our central monitoring station. 

  3. Call for firefighters

    Finally, our monitoring station will inform the local firefighters that you need help ASAP. The local firefighters know that we do good work, so they respond quickly to our calls. 


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Automate your fire escape

At the first signs of fire, a home automation system can send an alert to your phone, turn on your lights, and unlock your doors. These features help you quickly get out—and get firefighters in—with ease.
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Fire Alarm Equipment

Your custom-designed detection system can include:

Smoke detectors fire alarm equipment lexington

Smoke detectors

Photoelectric smoke detectors help detect "smoldering fires" (fires with few flames but plenty of smoke).
Heat detectors fire alarm equipment lexington

Heat detectors

Heat detectors help detect "fast flame" fires and rapid changes in temperature.
Smoke and carbon monoxide detector fire alarm equipment lexington

Combo detector

Detect smoke and carbon monoxide in a single device.

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