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Security Systems for the Automotive Industry in Florida

Custom Security Solutions for Dealer­ships and Repair Shops in Florida

The automotive industry demands tough security and safety solutions to protect valuable inventory, as well as customers and employees. Bates Security meets those demands in spades for properties large and small, from the largest automotive dealer­ships to small mom-and-pop repair shops. Our experi­enced profes­sionals install the latest in surveil­lance cameras, access control systems, fire safety systems, and more, all custom-designed for your property and business needs.

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You’re in Good Hands with Bates Security

  • SDM Magazine has ranked us #32 on their list of the Top 100 Security Companies in America.
  • Live, local customer support, and guaranteed installations.
  • Secured, 24/7 wireless monitoring for fire and burglar alarms.
  • You’ll enjoy one provider to help consol­idate your property’s security and life safety systems.


Video Surveillance for the Automotive Industry

Looking for a security company with experience installing surveillance systems in your industry? The professionals at Bates have been doing just that for years, right here in Florida. The Bates team designs and installs surveillance cameras for a wide range of automotive commercial properties, from dealerships to repair shops. Even your method of data storage can be customized, ranging from in-camera (edge-based data storage solutions) to wireless NVR storage (either on-site or uploaded to the cloud.)
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Burglary Alarm Systems for the Automotive Industry

Dealerships and automotive shops can have millions and even tens of millions of dollars in inventory parked on their lots. An intrusion detection system can keep that inventory out of the grasp of thieves and significantly reduce your exposure to high insurance and legal costs. At Bates, we install the latest intrusion detection systems, from motion sensors and door alarms to infrared security cameras.

A break-in can happen in seconds. So your response time to any theft needs to be just as fast. With 24/7 monitoring from Bates, we can have first responders alerted within seconds of an alarm going off.

We provide the following burglary alarm services:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support from our central monitoring station.
  • Pre-set notification chains to get the right people to your property during an emergency.
  • Remote access capabilities and verified video response (available to customers with compatible surveillance systems).
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Access Control Systems for the Automotive Industry

If you're considering an access control system for your repair shop or dealership, calling Bates Security is a great place to start. We can design your access control system exclusively for your property and yours alone. No cookie-cutter solutions here. We can also design your credentials any way you want them and install the readers that support them. That includes everything from traditional keyfobs and badges to mobile devices and even smartwatches. Every system we design is scalable, easy to use, and future-proof, featuring automatic updates and support from the team at Bates Security.

We provide the following access control services and equipment:

  • Cloud-hosted access control management
  • App-based management and control
  • Local management
  • A wide range of access control equipment
  • Managed access
  • ID badging
  • ID badge printing
  • Full system integration
  • System design and installation
  • Local support and management
  • Door monitoring and power supervision
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Fire Alarms and Fire Inspections for the Automotive Industry

Safeguard your inventory and reduce the threat to the lives of your employees and customers with a custom-designed fire safety system from Bates Security. Our NICET-certified fire safety specialists provide code-compliant fire systems that can reduce your insurance costs and help you avoid expensive code violations.

Selecting the right monitoring provider for your fire safety system is of paramount importance. At Bates Security, our monitored fire alarm systems detect and verify fires early and can have first responders on the way in just seconds.

We provide the following fire system services and equipment:

  • Fire system design
  • Fire system installation and monitoring
  • Sprinkler monitoring
  • Fire inspections
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems (EVAC)
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Emergency call station monitoring
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Service Commitment and Guarantee Policy

No other security company in Florida is as committed to your company's wellbeing as Bates. We back that commitment up with certain guarantees granted to each one of our clients.

Our "Commitment to Service" guarantees the following:

  • $2,500 performance warranty
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Same-day emergency service guarantee
  • False alarm guarantee
  • Lifetime equipment and service warranty

See your consultant for complete details and eligibility.

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