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When it comes to home security, no other local contractor in Florida delivers better protection than Bates. Bates Security was founded by a former police officer, and our custom systems are designed from the start with a deep under­standing of the criminal mind. Our systems fill in the gaps” left by most other security systems and keep you and your family safe and sound.

  • Custom-designed security systems
  • 24/7 wireless monitoring
  • Local customer service that cares

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HomeSecurity Systems

Protect your family and pets with wireless monitoring, burglar alarms, and more.

BusinessSecurity Systems

Protect your company’s most important assets with access control, video surveillance, and more.

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Your new resource for expert IT managed services and support.

Why Choose Us

Bates SecurityCompetitors
Custom-designed security systemsOne-size-fits-none packages
Written guaranteesVague promises
Live, local customer servicePre-recorded messages
Founded by a police officerNo law enforcement background
Safe, wireless monitoringVulnerable landline monitoring

About Us

Get to know us, neighbor.

Founded on solid security principles

Bates Security was founded in 1969 by Sonny Bates, a former police officer. He designed our company to protect homes and businesses using the principles of solid security and customer service.

We have customer service that cares

Who wants to talk to a recording on the phone, when you need customer service now? No one! When you call us, you'll always get live customer service at our customer service center.

We use only the best security equipment

As a police officer, Sonny saw how cheap security equipment was about as useful as having no equipment at all. That's why, to keep you safe, we only install weatherproof, foolproof, and tamperproof security equipment by the best security brands out there.

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