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Business Surveil­lance Systems & Video Monitoring in Florida

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Bates Security has been installing video surveil­lance systems in commercial properties for over 50+ years. We have one of the largest selec­tions of security cameras in Florida and can network those cameras and store their data in a way that best suits the needs of your business. Whether you’re looking to store video data in the cloud or require a system with remote viewing capabil­ities, our team can make it happen.

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Florida businesses that use our video surveil­lance systems

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  • Revolution chiropractic jacksonville
  • Beaches pediatrics jacksonville
  • Brightway insurance jacksonville
  • Pablo towers


What we offer

Surveillance systems and video monitoring

Surveillance systems

Bates Security specializes in both indoor and outdoor surveillance systems. We have a large inventory of security cameras of all sizes, from discreet to obvious. And we can network these systems in such a way that your team will receive the most benefit from their use.

Video recording business security

Video recording

After we've secured your property with surveillance cams, the next step is to secure the data you receive from those cameras. We offer convenient ways of doing so, including secure cloud storage as well as traditional on-site hard drive storage.

Bates connect video solution

Convenient phone applications

See what your surveillance network sees in real-time from anywhere. With our convenient phone app, you'll stay apprised of the goings-on at your property no matter where you are.

Female monitoring

Video verification services

Video verification services are an add-on to any video surveillance system monitored by Bates Security. With a verified video system, our team is notified when an alarm goes off. If the alarm is a false alarm, we can very quickly turn the alarm off and alert the police that it was in fact a false alarm.

Featured Video

Video Verifi­cation


How we custom design your commercial surveillance system

  1. Schedule

    Call Bates Security at (800) 403-9471 and we'll have your free consultation booked in no time. Alternatively, you can schedule your free consultation with us online.

  2. Analyze

    A Bates Security professional will perform a thorough review of your commercial property and any existing surveillance cameras.

  3. Design

    After reviewing the property and discussing matters with your team, the next step is to select the right equipment and determine how many cameras are required to meet your needs.

  4. Install

    We install your new surveillance system with the skill and professionalism that Florida business owners have come to expect from Bates Security.

  5. Follow Up

    We'll follow up to make sure all cameras are working as intended and your team has had zero issues with the network. If something comes up, we'll be there to resolve it.

Ready for Police-Trusted Video Surveillance in Florida?

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