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Business Alarm Systems in Florida

Business Alarm Systems Trusted by the Men in Blue

Founded by a former police officer, Bates Security designs and installs security systems in Florida that takes the criminal mind into account. Every alarm system is unique to each property. And we offer unrivaled alarm monitoring to go along with it.

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What we offer

Intrusion detection systems

Intrusion detection is the cornerstone of any property's security apparatus. Bates' inventory of state-of-the-art intrusion detection equipment can help defend a property's interiors, exteriors, and perimeter.

24/7 alarm monitoring

Bates monitors our client's alarm systems from one of the most advanced central monitoring stations in the country.

Convenient Phone Applications

A remote security solution through Bates lets you monitor your property right from your smartphone. This includes:

  • Arming and checking the status of your security system
  • Disarming and silencing your system
  • Changing codes if it has become compromised
  • Adding and deleting users
  • Using geo-fencing to get reminders to your phone if you've forgotten to arm your system
  • Receiving texts or e-mails of certain events

Verified video response

A verified video response gives you access to faster police response times and fewer false alarms. And the best part about it is Bates takes care of all of it right from our central monitoring station.

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How we'll custom design your business alarm system

  1. Assess your needs

    What objectives do you have for your new alarm system? How much control do you need over it? The professionals at Bates will listen to your ideas and answer all of your questions during a free on-site consultation.

  2. Investigate

    A Bates Security specialist will perform a thorough assessment of your property as well as any existing security measures you have in place. The goal is to make sure we have a complete picture before sharing potential solutions with you.

  3. Design

    Our alarm systems are designed with the utmost care and tailored to your needs and your property. Every piece of equipment is selected with your needs in mind, from motion sensors to thermal imaging cameras.

  4. Install and protect

    All the work that goes on in planning and designing your custom alarm system means you'll receive a speedy and convenient installation day. The entire system is thoroughly tested before we leave.

  5. Plan for growth

    If you have big plans for your business, we'll be there to secure it as it grows up.

Ready for a police-trusted business alarm system in Florida?

Providing security solutions for Central Florida's Highland and Glades Counties, West Florida's St. Lucie and Indian River Counties, and all of Jacksonville, FL and Southeast Georgia. See our full service area.