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Carbon Monoxide Detection & Monitoring in Florida

Your Front-Line Defense Against Carbon Monoxide

Many homeowners in Florida are at risk of a carbon monoxide (CO) leak and don’t even know it. And because carbon monoxide has no smell, taste, or tell, there’s no way of knowing if a leak exists unless you have equipment that can detect it. Bates Security has installed hundreds of CO detectors in homes across the state of Florida over the years. Not only do we install the most reputable brand-name equipment, but we also monitor those alarms for another layer of protection. So if a CO alarm goes off in your home, we’ll have first responders notified within seconds.
Carbon monoxide detection monitoring

How It Works

How we monitor your home for carbon monoxide

  1. Install your new carbon monoxide detectors

    A Bates Security consultant will locate the areas around your home where CO gas could escape. 

  2. Monitor the alarms 24/7

    Our central monitoring station will receive an alert the second your CO alarm goes off. 

  3. Alert first responders

    Seconds count in the event of a CO alarm going off. We can verify the alarm and have first responders on their way within seconds. 


Carbon monoxide alerts on smartphone upgrade

Get alerts sent to your smartphone

With Bates, you can control your security system from anywhere, right from your smartphone. Lock and unlock doors, receive alert notifications, and much more.
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Security Equipment

Your custom-designed system can include:

Carbon monoxide detectors co equipment

Carbon monoxide detectors

Bates Security installs only the most reliable CO detectors by the most dependable brands. We can help you navigate which CO detector you need and install them where you need them most.
Combo smoke co detector equipment

Combo detector

One of the most popular detection systems we install for residential customers is a combination smoke and CO alarm that is monitored via your security system with its smart home capabilities.

Protect Your Family with 24/7 CO Monitoring from Bates Security

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