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What Is the Best Security System for Daycare?

Group of diverse children in a daycare classroom

Is there anything more precious than our children? No, which is why so many parents struggle with putting their kids in daycare and agonize about finding the right one. As a daycare provider, you see that struggle up close daily. But one of the ways you can help is by creating a secure environment for the kids under your care. If the kids love coming to your center, but anyone can walk in off the street, it might not be very reassuring to parents.

Protecting your premises is as important as the care and attention you provide to your small clients. Adding the right security measures for daycare centers can go a long way toward keeping your building secure and giving parents some added peace of mind.

  • Install cameras inside and out
  • Put in access control devices
  • Light up the building exterior
  • Install door and window chimes
  • Utilizing video analytics to safeguard restricted areas

While you don’t need to lock down your daycare like it’s a bank, you need enough security to control who is in the building and know where everyone is. This blog explains the different parts of a compre­hensive security solution and how they can help in a daycare setting.

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Install Cameras Inside and Out

Exterior cameras are always a good idea for securing your property. Good external video surveil­lance allows you to catch any repeat visitors without reason to be at your facility or notice other suspi­cious behaviors. But in a daycare, you also want internal surveillance.

There’s a reason why nanny cams are so popular: they allow parents to check in and see the level of care provided. Plus, as a daycare operator, you want to be able to check on your employees and have video proof in the event of an issue. Security camera systems for daycare can also help locate a wandering child. Mobile kids can get into every­thing, so taking a quick look and seeing where they went is a great time saver.

Put In Access Control Devices

Access controls handle two tasks in a daycare. They prevent unautho­rized people from walking off the street and keep kids in approved areas. A child doesn’t always under­stand the dangers of a kitchen or storage closet, but with the right access control devices, it doesn’t matter. They won’t be able to open those doors, and you won’t have to worry about re-keying locks every time you have staff turnover. Instead, you can issue new creden­tials in minutes and disable the creden­tials for an outgoing employee just as quickly.

Light Up the Building Exterior

While kids are likely to be picked up in the summer when the sun is still up, that doesn’t always happen in the winter. Keeping the building exterior well-lit is a safety precaution for both parents and kids during busy pickup times. With lots of cars pulling in and out of your parking lot, you want everyone to see clearly to avoid accidents.

Install Door and Window Chimes

An audible alert when a window or door is opened is a great way to help minimize the risk of unwanted people walking in unnoticed. Some children will wander off if given even a few moments of undirected time. If you have children in your daycare who would rather spend the day on the playground or in the outdoor area, keeping them in can be a challenge.

Audible alerts when a door is opened can help you keep track so you can respond quickly if a child starts to go somewhere unattended.

Utilizing Video Analytics to Safeguard Restricted Areas in Daycare Settings

Ensuring the safety of children in daycare involves creating an effective security system, and video analytics is a crucial component of this. In simpler terms, video analytics serves as a constant, unseen protector, always monitoring our young­sters and the space they inhabit. But how does it under­stand where people should and shouldn’t be and alert us to any issues?

Every daycare has safe zones where children can freely play and explore, while certain areas, such as kitchens and storage rooms, must be off-limits to them and unautho­rized adults. Video analytics comes into play here by creating virtual barriers around these no-go’ zones. When these unseen barriers are crossed, the system instantly sends out an alert, ensuring immediate action can be taken against any unautho­rized entry and thus maintaining the safety and integrity of the secured space.

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