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Updating Your School Security Measures for the New School Year

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Whether you want to keep a closer eye on students, know when there are security risks to the people inside the building, or determine exactly when a break-in occurred, every school should have a working security system. That said, no one-size-fits-all approach to security works for every district. It’s important to consult a security expert to ensure that your new or updated surveil­lance system does exactly what you expect it to do.

Before your school can get the right security system upgrades, there are a few things you need to consider. In this blog, we’ll walk you through each of these steps:

  • Review your security needs
  • Invest in access control (if you haven’t already)
  • Ensure fire alarms are in working order
  • Make sure video footage is stored securely
  • Consider 24/7 profes­sional monitoring

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know about updating your system for the upcoming school year.

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At Bates Security, we know how important it is for schools and daycare facilities to manage security cost-effectively. We offer custom security systems designed to meet your district's unique requirements. With local customer service and 24/7 wireless monitoring, we're here to help you every step of the way. Give us a call at (800) 403-9471 to get started.

Review Your Security Needs

The first step in upgrading any security system is reviewing your security needs. Look at what you have now and what might need to be changed.

Identify Vulner­a­bil­ities and Risks

First, identify vulner­a­bil­ities and risks. For example, do you have cameras that cover every part of your school property? If your cameras aren’t placed well, or if you have limited storage, you might want to upgrade to ensure you have adequate video surveil­lance and storage for video feeds.

Remove Access for Former Students and Staff Members

One of the most signif­icant aspects of managing school security is controlling access to class­rooms, sports facil­ities, and other areas of campus. Before the school year starts, identify the users you want to remove from the system and update your access codes and/​or passwords.

Upgrade Old or Malfunc­tioning Equipment

Another thing to look for is anything outdated or malfunc­tioning. Check your cameras for damage, check video feeds for poor-quality images and pixelation, and give your system a once-over. See anything you don’t like? Let us know, and we’ll help you upgrade those systems ASAP.

Invest in Access Control (If You Haven’t Already)

School security systems should always have access control, which limits access to certain areas on the property. This helps guarantee that only those with permission to go there can get in. All the main school entrances and all kinds of spaces need these controls, from chemistry labs to janitors’ closets.

We can help you set up a system with unique creden­tials for your teachers, admin­is­trators, and student helpers. We provide access via:

  • Key fobs
  • ID badges
  • Access cards
  • And more

Ensure Fire Alarms Are in Working Order

Fire safety is of the utmost impor­tance to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff. First and foremost, make sure your school has a well-defined and regularly practiced evacu­ation plan, with clearly marked exit routes and assembly points. Adequate fire detection and alarm systems must also be in place, regularly tested, and maintained. Additionally, class­rooms and common areas should be equipped with fire extin­guishers, and staff should be trained in their proper use. Lastly, regular fire drills should be conducted to famil­iarize students and staff with emergency proce­dures, promoting a calm and efficient response in the event of a fire. 

At Bates, we offer customized fire alarm systems. In the event of a fire, our central monitoring station will dispatch the fire department immedi­ately on your school’s behalf.

Make Sure Video Footage Is Stored Safely

Even the best security camera systems for schools aren’t enough if you don’t have a way to preserve the footage. Have you ever returned to your security camera to collect evidence and realized older footage had already been recorded? That doesn’t have to happen. With both on-site and cloud storage options, it’s possible to store your videos long-term or even perma­nently if so desired.

Eliminate the risk of lost video coverage with a quick upgrade of your storage systems.

Consider 24/7 Profes­sional Monitoring

At Bates Security, we offer video monitoring and verifi­cation to make keeping your school safe easier than ever. Our caring and profes­sional team monitors your video feeds 24 hours per day so you can focus on your admin­is­trative respon­si­bil­ities. We offer preset notifi­cation chains to alert the right people in an emergency, provide remote access capabil­ities, and deliver verified video responses for those with compatible surveil­lance systems.

Upgrade your school’s security measures with help from Bates Security.

At Bates Security, we have over 50 years of experience implementing school security systems that protect teachers, students, administrators, and visitors. We're so committed to customer service that we guarantee your satisfaction, making now the perfect time to install one of the best security systems for schools.

Ready to upgrade to 24/7 monitoring or implement a new access control system? We're here to help. Contact us at (800) 403-9471 to speak with a Bates security expert.