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Top 4 Things To Do To Protect Your Vero Beach Home

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With extra time on your hands, you may want to check some things off on your to-do checklist, including Spring cleaning, home mainte­nance and taking extra measures to protect your home and family.

There are simple things you can be doing to make your home safer and family well-protected.

Four Simple Ways to Reduce the Chance of Burglary

  • Install a profes­sionally monitored security system.
  • Keep your home well-lit exter­nally and internally.
  • Get notified of motion on your front porch with a smart doorbell.
  • Spring Cleaning in the right areas

Make Sure Your Home is Protected 24/7

Call our team at 772−770−0111, or schedule a conver­sation to guarantee your home’s security and safety.

What Profes­sionally Monitored Means

An un-monitored system will not provide the same level of protection for your home as a monitored system. Even when your system can link with your smart­phone, there can be times you miss something or may not be able to do anything as an alarm goes off.

With a profes­sionally monitored system, your home is always protected 24/7. Leaving the monitoring to profes­sionals may give you the additional peace-of-mind that you deserve. The main benefit is when the system detects a break-in, fire, or other emergency, it notifies the profes­sional operators and emergency respon­dents immediately.

How Lighting Can Deter Burglars

Well-lit homes are not ideal for burglars. A home without proper lighting can become a target for burglars to hide and sneak through neighborhoods.

  • Motion lights not only alert you, as a homeowner, that something is moving outside but they may also expose criminals and encourage them to flee.
  • For conve­nience and safety, have your lights connected to your security system! With today’s technology, you can control your entire home on your phone! Set schedules for your lights to turn on and off while you maximize energy savings with Absolute Protection Team’s lighting controls.

How A Smart Doorbell Can Help

A video doorbell is a step beyond a tradi­tional doorbell as it allows you to see who is at your doorstep before opening the door, whether or not they rang the doorbell!

  • Have full conver­sa­tions with your visitors and capture video or images when you are home and when you are not!
  • Simply get notified when movement is detected near your front door and never miss another visitor or package!

How Spring Cleaning Can Make Your Home Safer

When you are making your Spring cleaning checklist, you will most likely have a number of things that will spruce up your home. What you may forget to include are things that will improve your safety.

By simply cleaning up your home’s landscape, you are already one step closer to maximizing your security and safety. Eliminate hiding spots for burglars outside your home and evaluate your home’s first line of defense.