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Safely Reopening Vero Beach Businesses

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As Florida businesses are striving to reopen from the COVID-19 / Coron­avirus shutdown, there are important proce­dures to take to avoid potential risks in the workplace. During the state’s multiple phases of re-opening businesses, managers and owners need to consider all safety and security concerns. We have gathered security solutions and best practices that could benefit your business.

Florida Health Business Ready

The State of Florida is responding to COVID-19 and continuing to announce efforts to respond to the pandemic. Orlando Health shares helpful resources to help you reopen your business safely and has taken guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. View More Resources.

Security Utilization

Absolute Protection Team allows businesses to perform proper screenings through various methods.

  • Access Control for employees, limiting visitor access, and decreasing theft risks.
  • Integrated intercom systems to allow screening for guests.
  • Fever-Detection Cameras to screen large areas of individuals where increased body temper­ature is detected.

Plan for a Safe Opening

Profes­sional Guidelines

The Occupa­tional Safety and Health Admin­is­tration has issued several sets of recom­men­da­tions for fighting COVID-19 in the upcoming weeks of re-entry.

  • Create a safe workplace for your employees and visitors.
  • Provide employees with proper safety supplies.
  • Reduce human contact.

Office Adjust­ments

As businesses slowly re-open, normality will not return all at once. Some helpful sugges­tions that other businesses are implementing…

  • Continuing social distancing with new office arrangements.
  • Encour­aging staggered break times.
  • Discon­tinuing non-essential travel.
  • Providing workers with adequate cleaning supplies.
  • Continuing virtual meetings.

If you need help with creating a safety and security plan in your organi­zation, reach out to us for a free evalu­ation of your business.