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National Kids and Pets Day: Keep them safe!

child hugging a dog

Whether they’re an outside pet or indoor pal, pets are most likely considered to be one of your fur babies” of the household. If you are a parent of children, pet, or both you know how important safety is for your loving family. With infor­mation, prepa­ration and home security, keeping your big family healthy and happy will be easy. Here are some important Pet & Child Safety Tips to follow in your home! 

Treating Stress & Anxiety

person holding a box

Anyone can have stress and anxiety, especially those whom we think do not — our children and pets. Like adults, your children and pets get use to routines. When routines change, anxiety and stress can build up. This may be a new baby sitter or moving to a new home or even switching up daily activ­ities. Stress and Anxiety can have several impacts on health that could turn into long term issues—depression, aggression, and other severe outcomes.

How can you keep a home happy and stress free? The best way to treat stress and anxiety is prevention. You can prevent the oncoming stress of a new atmos­phere by creating a safe and comfortable place for your loving family. 

Toxin Free Environment

smiling baby on lap

Both pets and kids have some bad habits when it comes to chewing or eating things they shouldn’t. Commonly used household objects and cleaners can be poisonous if ingested. Plastic water bottles, wood and hard plastic objects are a few things to clear before leaving a room.

There are common plants that are toxic to pets, such as lilies and Aloe Vera plants. A simple solution to this can be to place the plants out of reach of indoor animals or placing them outside away from common areas of play. 

Home Security Devices

terrier posing on couch

Have a new baby sitter and curious how your children are doing while you’re away? Home security cameras allow you to watch live stream footage of you home to keep an eye inside. This oppor­tunity is perfect for checking in on your loving animals and children when you can’t be there.

Pet owners also benefit from home automation services, which allow you to turn a light on for your pet if you are going to be home later than expected.