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National Safety Month: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Safer!

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The protection of your valuables and personal safety is a top priority for home owners. If you are a home owner, protecting your home can be stressful and expensive. With some easy prepa­ration, you can make your home safer without spending much time or effort. Here are 4 ways to make your home safer without the stress or extra money.

Prevent Slips, Trip, & Falls

Go through your home and notice any areas that are likely to cause slips, trips and falls. Fix or improve any loose wires, rugs, cluttered floors or dimly lit stair­wells to enhance your family’s safety. The most common cause of injuries in the home happen from falls, so don’t overlook this simple tip. Once your home’s hazardous areas are elimi­nated, you and your family will feel more at ease.

Kitchen Safety

family in a kitchen

Take a step back from your usual kitchen routine to see what impacts you may have on the rest of your family. For the safety of your family, do not leave the room while the stove or oven is on. While targeting your attention on these areas, turn the pot handles toward the back of the stove and take care to keep hot beverages and dishes away from a child’s reach. This way, your children will not have the oppor­tunity to burn themselves. Over half a million injuries happen from scalds each year and it can be easily prevented. Do your simple part by having caution in the kitchen so this injury will not happen in your home.

Reduce Access to Water Sources

If you have young children or pets, water can be considered one of the most dangerous items in the home. Due to this hazard, do not leave your kids or pets without super­vision. It takes only an inch of water for an infant to drown so never leave your kids alone at the pool or unattended by the tub. To take more precaution, get your security system to include a water leak detection system. This will prevent small leaks from becoming pricey floods.

Fire Safety

smoke alarm

Fire safety can be easily overlooked since it is a common precaution. Surpris­ingly, only 19 percent have tested their alarm on a quarterly basis where smoke detectors should be regularly tested to ensure their function­ality. Do not buy a detector to just hang on the ceiling with no purpose.

Your home should have a planned fire escape in place and a fire extin­guisher nearby for emergencies. Consider upgrading your security system to Bates Security. Non-monitored smoke detectors only make noise where our systems alert the fire department on the moment, keeping your loss to a bare minimum.