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Carbon Monoxide Detection & Monitoring

Alert Your Family to the Silent Killer”

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is called the Silent Killer” because it’s a poisonous gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. It can leak from your combustion-based appli­ances (furnace, boiler, gas fires) without you ever knowing — until it’s too late.

With carbon monoxide monitoring, we’ll sound the alarm to the Silent Killer by detecting it before it causes any harm, keeping you and your family safe.

Carbon monoxide detection monitoring

How It Works

How we monitor your home for carbon monoxide

  1. Custom design your system

    First, we'll set up the CO detectors in just the right places in your home to monitor your home for CO. 

  2. Sense the Silent Killer

    Then, if any of your combustion-based appliances leak CO, your detector will sound an alarm and send a signal to us. 

  3. Send for help

    Finally, our monitoring station will inform a nearby fire station that you need help ASAP. The firefighters use our services too and know that we do good work, so they respond quickly to our calls. 


Carbon monoxide alerts on smartphone upgrade

Get alerts sent to your smartphone

You can upgrade to our remote system and control your security system from your smartphone or anywhere you have internet access.
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CO Equipment

Your custom-designed system can include:

Carbon monoxide detectors co equipment

Carbon monoxide detectors

We'll place these detectors near your combustion-based appliances, so you'll know if you need help ASAP.
Combo smoke co detector equipment

Combo detector

Detect smoke and carbon monoxide in a single device.

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