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Why Pay for Monitored Security

Monitored security

If you own a home, you should do every­thing within your power to keep your family and your posses­sions as safe as possible. Sure, you can head out to Home Depot, pick up a home security system and install it, but what happens if it doesn’t work? If the alarm goes off and you’re not home? If it doesn’t go off at all? Paying for monitored security is absolutely worth the money. You will have an array of safeguards that protect your well-being and provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Compre­hensive Home Protection

Monitored security is much more than a house alarm. Today’s technology provides video surveil­lance so you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere with your mobile device. It also provides support for panic situa­tions. Perhaps you are craving peace of mind in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide emergency. Contem­porary monitored security provides protection for these events, water leaks and many others.

Remote Monitoring

One of the more helpful aspects of today’s high-tech home monitoring systems is the ability to watch your property in real-time from another location. This power enables you to watch exactly what is going on at your home even when you are not there. There is no sense in relying on neighbors or passers-by to help you. They might not even respond to your home’s alarm or they might flee the scene, fearing for their own safety. Paying for monitored security guarantees that qualified help will arrive in a timely manner. As soon as an emergency is detected in the home, the system sends a signal to the trained profes­sionals at the alarm response base who will call the police for a timely response. This is the type of quick action that the average home burglar dreads. If he sees any indication that the home is actively monitored by a leading home security company, he will likely choose another target.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Protection

Another key advantage to live home monitoring is the fact that it can detect fires or carbon monoxide. Smoke inhalation can put you into a deeper sleep. Equip your home with high-quality smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to trigger our alarm response center. We will verify the emergency, contact the proper personnel and send help while you gather your family for a quick exit. Even if you are not home, your monitored security system will still be able to call for help to preserve your items and even your pets! It does not matter when the alarm goes off – your monitored security system will always have help on the way whenever you need it.

Insurance Breaks

If the enhanced safety of your family and your posses­sions is not enough to sway you over to monitored security, consider how such a system can save you money. While it will help prevent the theft and damage of your valuables, a monitored security system will also ameliorate your budgeting in other ways. Reach out to your insurance provider and ask about discounts for compre­hensive home security systems. You will likely find that this type of monitoring system decreases your premium by 15 to 20 percent.

Bates Security

Home security in the right hands can make all the difference in the world. Bates Security’s >home monitoring system safeguards every­thing that you value from just about every type of danger. This is the comfort, care and protection that everyone deserves. You can learn more about our home monitoring services by calling us at (800) 403‑9471 or by sched­uling below.