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Why Child and Pet Proofing Your Home or Business is So Important

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Children and pets are cherished members of the family. So, when you evaluate your security protocols, you must make your home or business as safe as possible. Child­proofing or pet-proofing can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have never done it before. Some might even ask, is it worth the hassle? In short, it most certainly is. Let’s discuss the benefits of child­proofing and pet-proofing, and how you can maximize your efforts by utilizing your security system.

Why Child­proof?

There are many benefits when you child­proof and pet-proof your home or business. The advantage is having peace of mind that your pet or child is safe in the environment. There are also financial benefits! When you choose to install a video security system in your home or business, you can lower your insurance premiums. Also, security systems act as liability protection for businesses when your customers bring in their children or if your business serves pets. 

How do you Child­proof or Pet-Proof a Home or Business?

So, now that you’ve learned some of the benefits that come with child­proofing and pet-proofing your home or business let’s talk about how to do it. Securing the areas of a home or business that could be dangerous starts by evalu­ating areas of open water, chemicals, or equipment hazards. In any home or business, there usually are hazardous chemicals such as bleach or pesti­cides present. This isn’t a bad thing if you are respon­sible for locking them away out of reach from both children and pets. You can do this by putting locks on cabinets or drawers that contain dangerous items inside or putting them up too high for small people or pets to reach. 

Action Plans and Identification

One very important thing is knowing exactly who is in the area at once. For example, when you are first hired onto a job, you are typically required to give emergency contact. You should have this same mentality for your children or pets. Always have your name, number, and relationship to the child written down and placed on a counter. As for the pets, the same logic goes. You can also microchip your pet in case they get out or are stolen. As well, any reputable security provider should give you a Save My Pet” decal. This decal should be placed in your front window or door in case of a fire and should clearly state how many dogs, cats, or other pets you have. This way, firefighters and police can help save your pets in case of an emergency.

Utilizing Your Security System

Did you know that your security system is your biggest ally when it comes to child­proofing or pet-proofing? That’s right. Your security system has many different tools that can be used to increase your cherished family members’ safety! Many don’t even know these tools exist or do not know the full extent of their power! Let’s go over some of the tools that either currently exist in your security system or can be added to your current security system.

  • Smart detection is a function that most outdoor surveil­lance systems can help prevent false alarms by telling the difference between a human and an animal. Some view this as just a way to see intruders on their property or see the raccoon that keeps digging in their trash cans. However, this function can catch if your animal or child gets outside of the house or yard, which gives you an indication of where they may have wandered off to.
  • HD Resolution guarantees clarity for your video cameras. Paired with night vision, you will have a clear view of who and what is coming into and leaving your home or business.
  • Door sensors are also common­place in security systems. These sensors are usually used to alert a home or business owner of an intruder; however, these sensors can be set up to send alerts for ANY time a door is opened. Often­times, we get in a hurry and forget to shut a door all the way. The security system will send an alert that the door is still ajar, reminding you to close the door so a child or pet doesn’t get out.
  • You can also magnetize doors so even if you don’t close your door all the way, a magne­tized door will catch so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Find a trusted security provider who can also install fire alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. It’s essential to put fire alarms on every floor of your house, in every bedroom, and the kitchen. CO is a poisonous gas with no odor but can be equally as dangerous to adults, children, and pets. Put a CO detector outside every bedroom. Test them each month. Change the batteries at least once a year. Store matches and lighters where children cannot get to them. Have an escape plan in case of fire, and make sure your older child knows what to do. Talk to your child about fire safety.

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