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Who is Watching When You’re Not?

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Security is a concern for most businesses and homeowners. It has become increas­ingly obvious that sometimes double locks on the doors or security windows do not provide adequate peace of mind. Profes­sionally monitored alarm systems offer extensive security services that will make you feel safer and more protected in your home or business. Let’s explore three key benefits of having a profes­sionally monitored alarm system.

1. Constant Protection

After you’ve had a monitored alarm system installed in your home, make sure you turn in your alarm permit to the central station of the company that installed your system! Once you’ve done that, you and your family or business have around-the-clock the protection against intrusion. Many systems also have fire and carbon monoxide alarms built in, which will provide an extra layer of safety. And the most important part is that the protection doesn’t stop once you leave your home or business. Constant protection secures your home or business when you may be away for an extended amount of time, or you must leave your children home alone for the evening. Whether you are awake, asleep, or at lunch, monitored alarm systems have you covered with immediate response so you can focus on the important things like providing for your family or protecting your employees.

2. Deterrent to Criminals

Bates Security alarm systems come with a small lawn sign or a window placard for you to promi­nently display to indicate that your home or business is protected by us. In a lot of cases, these signs alone will persuade criminals to move on to another location that is not protected by a legit­imate security system. We also give you a decal to save your pets in case of a fire, which can also indicate the presence of a dog, which might also convince the burglar that your house shouldn’t be a target of his. Make sure these decals are clearly displayed and the sign is up to fully advertise your home’s security.

3. Monitored Alarms Lower Your Insurance Rates

Did you know a profes­sionally monitored alarm system can pay you back? While installing an alarm system can be an extra initial expense, it can also have its own financial advan­tages in the long run. Informing your insurance company of your alarm system may cause your insurance company to adjust your rate on the insurance policy. Because your home or business is protected from theft and often fire, which are both very costly incidences that will require you to make a claim, your insurance company will realize that you are less like to have these incidents occur.

How We Can Help You

Bates Security offers 24/7 monitoring along with customized security solutions so you can have your individualized security needs not only met but exceeded. Our reliable team of security professionals provides creative solutions to unique problems that other one-size-fits-all security solutions would not be able to cover. We also offer live-chat assistance all day and night to ensure we are here when you need us. Schedule your free consultation today!