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What Makes a Security Company Great?

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When it comes to safety and security, we want the best. To get the best, you need to know what to look for when looking for a security system for your business. Separate the best from the rest of customer service.

Speak to Real People

At Bates Security, the only recording you will hear is the department call-tree. We have the phone system in place to make it easier to talk directly who you need to. No more wasting time asking for someone or a particular department, you can talk to someone directly by a push of a button.

After-Hours and On Call Techni­cians Available

Emergencies do not always stay in the usually work day of 8AM-5PM. We have after-hours and on-call techni­cians ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Going Great Lengths

Bates Security has customer service that goes the extra mile. Our sales repre­sen­ta­tives and techni­cians pay attention to the details and listen to what the customer wants. We have techni­cians that remember to clean up after themselves and make your job easier. Read customer reviews on Google and Facebook to see what real customers have to say. If you are a current customer, we would greatly appre­ciate you leaving your honest feedback.