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Top Questions to Ask Your Commercial Security Company

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Selecting any vendor can be compli­cated. After all, you’re choosing who you will invest with to make your business a long-term success. If you’re buying a product to sell, you want good quality assurance. The same is true when you choose a security vendor. As with any industry, there are discount options that produce discounted results. Security is one of the last places to look for the low bid. 

The cost of poor security pushes many businesses right into bankruptcy. Whether it’s bad cyber­se­curity or bad physical security, it can be very expensive. Every record you lose to a hacker comes with an estimated $180 price tag, while employee theft is respon­sible for up to 30% of all business bankruptcies. A credible security company can deliver a plan to address your most pressing security concerns and the ones you’ve never even considered. Credible security companies don’t wait for a break-in to make upgrade sugges­tions. They stay on top of the newest security technology so you don’t have to. 

You’ll know when to switch security companies for your business when your security system feels outdated and doesn’t deliver the flexi­bility or scala­bility you want. When you do start shopping around for your next company, be sure to ask questions such as:

  • What is your focus as a security company?
  • Are you well insured?
  • What does staff training look like?
  • Why is the upfront cost so high?
  • Are your security solutions customized? 
  • What are industry best practices for security?
  • Do you offer physical and digital security?

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What Is Your Focus as a Security Company?

A credible security company should be able to provide a solid mix of solutions that utilize all types of monitoring technology. Motion detectors, surveil­lance cameras, access control systems, video management systems, and more should be in their toolbox. However, every company has areas in which they are more heavily invested.

If you’re looking for a commercial security solution, avoiding a residential specialist is best. At Bates Security, we do commercial and residential, focusing on customized solutions. We might not be the best fit if you want cheap, out-of-the-box options. To learn more about our Core Values and focus areas, listen to our President, Jeremy Bates, on the Business on Purpose podcast as he talks about the company.

Are You Well Insured?

Insurance coverage is a major concern when credible security companies. An uninsured contractor cannot handle liability issues if the security system fails. While security companies aren’t instantly liable for a break-in or other security failure, if the system is at fault, it may mean a court case if insurance doesn’t cover the loss. Make sure your vendor has enough insurance to cover issues that may crop up.

Do You Use Employees or Contractors?

People are often the weakest point in any security system. In a security company, short-term contractors can be a major vulner­a­bility. Bates Security works with employees invested in the company’s success, which helps limit the likelihood of a problem coming from security staff. Cindy Ponder, our VP of Opera­tions, recently talked about her experi­ences growing with the company and how it has made her more dedicated and focused on excellent customer outcomes.

What Does Staff Training Look Like?

Technology advances every year. You want a security company that keeps up with changes as they happen. Ask about how staff receives training and how often they get continuing education. Even something as simple as a new type of sensor can change security planning and instal­lation methods.

Why Is the Upfront Cost So High?

Price and cost are two different things. Good security is not cheap, but the cost of bad security is sky-high. Once installed, a good security company can continue to upgrade your system for a nominal annual investment. Monitoring is also typically a reasonable fee. The initial investment is for the equipment, and you get what you pay for when it comes to security equipment.

Are Your Security Solutions Customized?

DIY security systems are on the market, but unless you know how to deploy them effec­tively, they aren’t usually the most secure option. At Bates, we believe that the best security systems are those purpose­fully designed for your business and building. We offer customized solutions that fit like a glove instead of one-size-fits-all options that may not work well.

What Are Industry Best Practices for Security?

If a security company can’t tell you the best practices for securing your business, they’re probably not the best choice. While there is always nuance, we believe that we should provide infor­mation about the current best practices and why they’re in use, so you can better see the value. For example, we don’t just talk about the impor­tance of training your employees. We run classes to get everyone on the same page.

Do You Offer Physical and Digital Security?

In today’s business world, the digital space is under attack at least as often as the office. When you find a vendor, ask about their ability to offer both physical and digital protection. Even if digital security isn’t a focus, you’ll want a vendor that can handle setting up your video management system and storage.

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