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Top 10 Hiding Spots Burglars Always Look First

inside of a house with text that reads top 10 hiding spots burglars always look first

How can you beat a burglar? By staying one step ahead of them. Bryan Bates, Bates Security expert, discusses the top 10 hiding spots burglars always look first with First Coast News reporter, Janny Rodriguez. 

Burglars tend to target the home’s master bedroom first. Night­stand drawers are an easy target, Bryan Bates says. From under the bed to the bedroom closet, burglars will check it all looking for jewelry, cash and other valuables.

The home’s medicine cabinet is a popular choice for burglars looking to score prescription medication for themselves or to sell. 

In just three minutes, a burglar can fully sweep a home. So how do you beat the burglar? Bryan says to have good locks, including deadbolts on the exterior doors. A dog and a good security system doesn’t hurt either.