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The Conve­nience of Remote Alarm

home surveillance video monitoring from smart phone

Technology has afforded us the conve­nience to get things done remotely. In the past, getting bills paid meant either writing a check or going to the electric or water company to remit in person. Making a deposit or trans­ferring funds between accounts meant a trip to the bank. Today, these things can be done with a mouse click or even on your smart phone or tablet. With the advent of remote alarm systems, your home security can also be added to the host of things which can be taken care of on the go. You can have the conve­nience of the system keypad at your fingertips without having to be standing in front of it.

Arm or Disarm From Anywhere

You can be in the driveway, antic­i­pating hauling a bunch of groceries into your home or across town, arming the system after a family member has gone. Whether you want to arm or disarm the system, having the ability to bring up the system’s interface without physi­cally being at the keypad can be a great amenity. This basic feature is available on the web or by smart­phone or tablet appli­cation, and is a great way to make sure that your home is secured at all times while you are away.

Receive Important Alerts Via Text or E‑mail

Being away from home does not have to mean being completely removed from what is going on there. With the technology of today’s remote alarm systems, it is possible to get notified vie text or e‑mail if your system goes into alarm. Whether it is a door contact that has been breached or a water sensor that is detecting moisture, you want to know what is happening right away so that you can get it handled.


If you have the added benefit of a video system integrated into your home security, having a remote alarm system means having access to that as well. If you have a pet that needs to be watched over, or an area of your property that you are keeping an eye on, the video is available from a computer,tablet or smart­phone. You would also be able to interact with certain cameras to pan, tilt or zoom-in on what is going on from the system interface.

Light and Temper­ature Control

If your home is fully automated, another neat feature of the remote alarm systems available today is the ability to adjust the lighting and internal temper­ature of your home.

If you had a remote alarm system with all these features, you might be able to retain full control over your home in the following way:

You are at work, but you know that one of your children is going to be leaving late in the afternoon. With access to one of the video cameras, you can verify that they have gone. Your system would have notified you that it had been armed when he left, however, you did not get the text because he forgot to arm the system in his rush to get out on time. With a few button clicks, you not only arm the system, but lock the back door and turn the thermostat up to an acceptable level for a house that is going to be empty for the next few hours. You even make sure the living room light is on for you when you get home from work.

If you currently have a home security system, or if you are interested in having one installed, contact us for more information on getting yourself connected remotely.