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The Advan­tages of Having Smart Door Locks

smart door lock

Technology has seen a revolution in terms of security technology. Up until a little over a decade ago, mobile phones used to be protected by a simple 4‑digit passcode. Now, your smart­phone can use facial recog­nition, finger­prints, numbers, letters, and any other form of passcode you can think of to protect the data. For ease of use, other techno­logical advance­ments in almost every­thing that we use daily goes in tandem with the advance­ments made on phones, including door locks.

Everyone is familiar with tradi­tional locks and keys, especially the panicked feeling of misplacing your key. Keys are the most basic security measure ever created. However, with better technologies now readily available, old school keys does not cover all of your security needs.

In the last five years, the demand for smart locks, also known as access control, has skyrocketed. What is a smart lock? Smart locks are electro­mechanical locks that are designed to lock and unlock a door when it receives such instruc­tions from an autho­rized device. You can find many of these locks installed in office buildings or warehouses in areas that would need heightened security since it can be hard to for one singular person or a team of people to check every single person that goes into certain places. Smart locks can be customized to grant access to a specific person at a specific time and can track when the person enters!

It’s important to note that these days, everyone has a mobile smart phone. Some even have multiple. Not only does everyone have phones, but also tablets and other forms of smart” devices. That is why the integration of smart door technology with added features such as biometrics scanning, keypad password, card swipe and other function­al­ities is so important to home and business owners. These functions give the you the ability to carry on throughout your day knowing that the only persons who can go through the door, are those that have been autho­rized to do so.

It can sound very complex and even intim­i­dating, but it truly is a simple process. Smart locks are created to help efficiency and don’t affect how you’d go on with your day. Smart locks just add an extra layer of security on who arrives and who leaves using the advanced door lock that you have installed. In fact, many smart locks utilize apps that have a variety of features such as locking, unlocking, sched­uling access, and notifying you through text messaging, e‑mail or push notifi­ca­tions when someone has opened the door.

Smart locks are also beneficial to homeowners. Smart locks have the capability of being paired with devices such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, and Google Home. This increases connec­tivity in your home which makes knowing who is coming and going easy and secure. With a combi­nation of sound-detecting software and advanced locking mecha­nisms, your home or office is protected with layers of security.

Now that you’ve learned more about smart locks, schedule your free consul­tation with a Bates Security expert to see how smart locks fit into your security plan.