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Stay Safe and Secure During the Holidays

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The holiday season brings joy, decora­tions, shopping and fun! It is important to stay safe while also enjoying the season. The best thing Bates Security can suggest for home and office safety during the holidays, as well as throughout the year, is to have a monitored security system. Bates Security would also like to share some helpful tips and some other things you can do in addition to help keep your business, home and family safe during the holiday…

Keeping It Offline

There is a lot of traveling during this time of year! Whether it be on business, visiting family or to simply get away, remember to not share on social media until you get back. Do not let thieves know when your home will be empty by posting your travels on social media. 

Gifts & Packages

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While you’re hiding your presents from the little ones, be mindful of others that you should be hiding your packages from. Pretty presents under the tree may be appealing to your neighbors but it can be an open invite to burglars. Try to place your tree away from the windows. 

For the presents you haven’t received yet… 

· Consider adding a video doorbell or other security cameras

· Deliver to a different location

· Request a signature confirmation

For the boxes after Christmas…

Don’t put your empty boxes where burglars can see what you got for Christmas! Some of those more expensive gifts, like televi­sions and electronics, may appeal to burglars as the boxes sit on your curb. Discard them in the recycling bin so thieves do not know what goodies you have in your home. 

Pet Safety

picture of a cat and dog in front christmas lights

During the holidays, poinsettias are very popular around the office and in many homes. Poinsettias contain chemicals that, when ingested, may cause harm your beloved pets. There is no antidote for poinsettia poisoning so be aware of the signs and keep plants out of reach of small children and pets. 

Wrapping Up The Holidays

At Home

  • Throw away old light strings and faulty sets of lights. Shop for replacement lights during after-Christmas sales or add to your Christmas list for next year. 
  • Special ornaments are best stored in their original packaging to prevent breakage. If you do not have original box, store smaller ornaments in egg cartons or wrap in newspaper. 

At Work

  • Remind employees of office hazards and safety precau­tions. It is especially important in indus­trial and engineering fields to remind yourself and staff of the threats to safety and health in the workplace.
  • Be sure your office has emergency plans in place and are scheduled to be practiced in the new year!