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Signs Your Business Security System Is Outdated

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring the safety and security of your business is of utmost impor­tance. With advance­ments in technology, it’s crucial to stay proactive and keep up with the latest security solutions to protect your assets, employees, and customers. If you’ve had your security system in place for a while, it’s essential to assess its effec­tiveness and determine whether it’s time for an upgrade. 

The global health crisis of recent years brought about numerous unforeseen outcomes, including a signif­icant rise in criminal activ­ities, partic­u­larly those aimed at businesses. When a business is closed, it becomes more suscep­tible to break-ins, as criminals have ample time to access the premises and seize valuable assets. 

Lower levels of street traffic mean fewer witnesses. Shortened business hours mean longer windows in which to finish a theft. Even after the pandemic has ended, many of these issues remain. Hybrid work and work-from-home sched­uling have increased dramat­i­cally, leaving offices less protected than ever. 

In addition, internal theft is a major factor when looking at business losses. As many as 3 out of 4 employees admit to stealing from an employer at one point during their working life. All of this adds up to the need for more and better security. Some of the most common outdated security signs include: 

  • You haven’t updated your physical security system in 10 years or more
  • Your system is still commu­ni­cating on a land phone line and not cellular or internet
  • You don’t have electronic access control systems
  • The security system has already failed at least once
  • You can’t check or manage your security system remotely
  • You don’t have good cyber­se­curity protocols
  • Video recording images are low quality, fuzzy, etc.

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You Haven’t Updated Your Security System in 10 Years

If you haven’t updated your security system in 10 years, it’s a clear sign that your business is operating with an outdated security infra­structure. Technology advances rapidly, and what may have been state-of-the-art a decade ago is likely inade­quate to meet the demands of today’s security landscape. By neglecting to update your system, you may be leaving your business vulnerable to modern threats and missing out on the benefits of advanced security features and capabilities.

You Don’t Have Access Control Systems

Access control is a must to protect your business against both external and internal theft. It’s one of the most needed additions that compli­ments your security system. When you have protected infor­mation or valuable equipment, not every employee needs access. Having layered security that is needs-based is necessary to give you the protection needed. Plus, with the right access control systems, you can instantly shut off creden­tials or add single-use creden­tials to handle specific situa­tions. And you can do it all remotely.

It Has Already Failed At Least Once

Failure is one of the biggest signs that your security system is outdated. If it didn’t work last time, there’s no guarantee your current system will work next time. 

If you had a break-in missed by your security system, the first thing you’ll want to do after cleaning up is a full security audit. Where was the point of entry? Was it a simple smash and grab or did it involve more intricate planning? Was it due to faulty equipment or poor system design? Work with a security expert to determine the answers to these questions and develop a better system for future prevention.

You Can’t Check or Manage Your System Remotely

You can’t be in the office 24/7. Sleep is necessary, and your family probably likes to see your face occasionally. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch your office run during operating hours or do random checks when the office is closed. With the right management software, you can get a bird’s eye view through your security cameras from anywhere in the world anytime. 

Remote management is another major upgrade that you likely need. If you’ve moved away from physical keys (and you should have), you’ll need remote access to manage creden­tials. Access codes, key cards, and other digital keys can all be added or deleted through the management platform with a modern system. Better creden­tialing means reduced risk from a disgruntled former employee or through compro­mised credentials.

You Don’t Have Good Cyber­se­curity Protocols

In the modern office, cyber­se­curity is just as important as physical security. Infor­mation is a currency all its own. Data breaches are very costly, with some estimates as high as $5M per breach on average. If a hacker managed to steal all of your customer data, you could be looking at costs in excess of $180 per record stolen. That adds up quickly.

About half of all cyber­se­curity threats happen due to human error. Hackers don’t use fancy intrusion software to get creden­tials. Instead, they work with your employees and pretend to be a high-ranking company member or gain access by masquerading as a customer. Better cyber­se­curity protocols can reduce those risks without a ton of investment in anything other than education for your staff.

Your Security System is Not Customized to Your Building or Industry

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your building or business, relying on a generic, one-size-fits-all security system may leave you vulnerable to potential risks and challenges. Every industry and type of building has its distinct charac­ter­istics and security require­ments that must be considered.

Consider the diverse needs of different estab­lish­ments. For instance, a religious insti­tution or church may require specialized security measures to protect its congre­gation and valuable religious artifacts. On the other hand, a warehouse facility might neces­sitate robust access control systems and surveil­lance to safeguard valuable inventory and prevent unautho­rized entry.

Under­standing the unique security challenges specific to your industry or type of building is crucial. A customized security system tailored to your precise needs can signif­i­cantly enhance your protection measures and minimize potential vulner­a­bil­ities. Did you move into a building and simply started using the prior tenant’s system? Are you sure it fits your needs? If they were a different type of business, they could easily have different needs than you. 

By recog­nizing that each business or building has its own security demands, you can ensure that your security system is designed to address those specific require­ments effec­tively. Whether it’s imple­menting advanced surveil­lance technology, access control systems, or alarm systems, tailoring your security measures can provide you with the peace of mind that your premises are safeguarded against the risks most pertinent to your industry or building type.

Your Security Images are Low-Resolution

High-resolution cameras are a must for modern security. It’s one of the more important updates for security systems. If you can’t tell what you’re looking at — or who — surveil­lance footage isn’t very useful. You need high-resolution cameras and long-term storage for your video. If theft is internal, it could be 30 days or more before it gets caught, so you’ll need access to that older, stored footage.

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