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Security in Factories

warehouse distribution

Complete security for warehouses and distri­b­ution centers can often be difficult when using tradi­tional security equipment. The size and layout are usually complex and spacious which allows several vulner­a­bil­ities. In addition to the possible break-ins that get by the tradi­tional motion sensors, internal theft can also be a problem. 

For compre­hensive protection for your facility from potential hazards, consider the following compo­nents of our security solutions. 

Keyless Acess Control

keyless access control

Keep your facility SAFE. In many manufac­turing companies, there are heavy equipment and dangerous areas for anyone to walk through. Lower your liability risks with access control. Access control can prevent unautho­rized personnel from entering restricted areas in your facility You can limit which employees have access in sensitive areas and visitors to unrestricted areas. Lowering your risks, access control reduces the amount of traffic going in and out daily. 

Video Surveil­lance

video surveillance monitoring

Video cameras are very popular but are most effective when MONITORED. When something activates the system, our monitoring station receives an alert, then listens in to verify an emergency is taking place, allowing them to verify that a police response is necessary Our 2417 monitoring allows you to have peace of mind when away from the business and full protection while working.