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SDM 2018 Dealer of the Year: Bates Security

Bates Security Wins Top National Industry Award for Excellence

SDM Dealer of the Year Recog­nizes Growth, Innovation, Top Standards and Service

Lexington, KY (December 12, 2018) – Bates Security today announced that it is SDM Magazine’s 2018 Dealer of the Year. SDM, the leading security publi­cation in the US tapped Bates among over three thousand commercial firms nationwide. The Dealer of the Year Award recog­nizes leading innovation, industry best practices, and notable growth and accom­plish­ments in the security dealer industry.

In our industry, this award is the Best Picture Oscar,” observed Bates President Jeremy Bates. What’s more, we are the first Kentucky company to win this award and by far the smallest company to win in the last decade. Last year’s winner was a $4 billion company with 18,000 employees. That’s really grati­fying for a family business like ours,” Bates added.

SDM magazine cover December 2018

Jeremy Bates and his brother, Bryan, followed their parents, Sonny and Pat Bates, in running the company estab­lished in 1969 that today boasts annual revenues of nearly $15MM and over 90 employees. Bates growth over the last decade has been both organic and through acqui­sition. The company has a strong presence in Lexington, with over 10,000 house­holds and major commercial and government clients including the new City Center complex under construction, Lexington Financial Center, The Kentucky Horse Park, and Fayette Country Schools, where the company is playing a major role in the district’s safety initia­tives. The company has grown into Northern Kentucky, has made two acqui­si­tions in Eastern Kentucky and has a growing division in Jacksonville, Florida.

Growth has been assisted by both innovation and customer service. Former Police Chief and Public Safety Commis­sioner for Lexington Ronnie Bastin noted, Their founder Sonny was a policeman himself. They under­stand police prior­ities and have earned our trust. A good example is their audio verified detection systems, which eliminate most false alarms let us know exactly what’s going on at a site before we get there.” Bates recently won an award for its security system at the new Frederick Douglass High School. Bates saw the need to fully integrate commu­ni­ca­tions between our security team and law enforcement in real time. It’s been a huge improvement in effec­tiveness and response,” said Wayne Brumfield, Electronics Foreman of Fayette County Schools.

Throughout the last decade of dynamic growth, Bates has been able to keep customer service a top priority. The company’s mission statement is simple Do What’s Right for the Customer,” and that is demon­strated in several ways. Every new technology or product is tested at Bates headquarters first before being deployed with customers. Bates has also estab­lished its own customized field service training regimen and unlike most providers Bates often deals with customers directly in addition to relying on a central station. This emphasis has paid off, with customer turnover (attrition) rates at only half the national average. Bret Melrose, founder of Fayette Heating & Air observed. In the decade we’ve been a customer, I’ve come to highly respect the Bates family and the team they have put together. I have a high regard for how the business is operated, how it values customer service and I really admire their aggressive vision to remain an industry leader.”

President Jeremy Bates summed up the national award and recog­nition this way, This award recog­nizes the quality of our people and over 50+ years of putting the customer first. And wherever we operate we’re a local business.”

About Bates Security

Based in Lexington, Kentucky since 1969, Bates Security is a locally owned & operated full service electronic security expert for residential, business, educa­tional, and indus­trial customers in Kentucky and Florida. Services include security systems, access control, video surveil­lance (cameras), fire detection and EVAC systems, sprinkler monitoring, fire inspec­tions, elevator monitoring, medical alert and more. In 2011 Bates received the Installer of the Year Award from Security Sales & Integration Magazine, the Small Business of the Year Award in 2013 from Commerce Lexington and the 2018 Dealer of the Year Award from SDM magazine.