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Relax, Protect Your Marijuana Facility with a Security System

greenhouse security system

Many states and countries are now beginning to legalize medicinal cannabis and this emerging industry is opening up new oppor­tu­nities across the United States. With licensed medical marijuana producers getting ready for rapid expansion, the assets held in each facility will signif­i­cantly increase along with risks of crime. Holding high value assets means the risk of crime substan­tially increases to damage in profits and production. By taking some simple steps to secure your facility and by partnering with Bates Security with a verified system, your business can stay safe and secure. 

Verified Security

Verified systems can use audio and video surveil­lance to monitor your licensed medical marijuana facility to keep it secure from criminals and possible fires. The verified” to our system means that one of our profes­sionals can either check in by listening or viewing the facility to verify there is an emergency instead of a false alarm. Alarm verifi­cation provides the detailed proof to ensure your facility is safe and that respon­dents are dispatched faster to the property.

Access Control

keyless access control

Add an extra layer of protection to your natural healthcare. Access control allows you to decrease the risks of external and internal crime. Have the ability to lock specific areas of your facility that holds cannabis products or handling heavy cash flow and have control who has access to which rooms and what time. With access control, you can create entry and exit reports so you will know of any potential internal crime happening in your cannabis facility. 

Solutions Tailored To You and Your Business

At Bates Security, our experts take the time to custom design security systems adjusted to the unique security needs of your herbal health facility. Our free consultations allow us to fully understand your unique building layout and the specific security concerns to your production. Contact us today, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.