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Protect Your Home Deliv­eries This Holiday!

This time of year, there’s nothing like the antic­i­pation of waiting on a package to be delivered – or the anxiety you feel when it disap­pears from your porch.

According to the U.S. Postal Service’s website, approx­i­mately 950 million packages are expected to be delivered this holiday, and they are cautioning consumers to be alert to potential thefts by porch poachers.

The smart way to protect your purchases is a security system with a video doorbell from Bates Security that lets you know when your package is delivered.

With the advent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there became a need for an event that would raise awareness of package theft and help homeowners protect themselves. And just like that, Package Protection Day was created to raise awareness and prevent package thefts.

First celebrated in 2016, Package Protection Day has been respon­sible for paving the way for numerous state laws targeting parcel theft.

In 2020, an estimated 90,000 parcels were stolen in the U.S., which trans­lated into roughly $6 billion in stolen deliverables.

This holiday season – and every season – protect your home with solutions from Bates Security and Resideo Premier Security. They offer a number of options, like outdoor cameras and video doorbells.

Here are some tips to reduce package theft:

  • Install a video doorbell to keep watch on any activity on or around your porch.
  • A planter or hidden alcove can obscure packages and keep them from being seen from the street.
  • Sign up for text message delivery alerts, so you’ll know when packages are delivered.

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, we’re here to help keep your home or office protected and safe! Contact us for a free consul­tation today!

From our family to yours, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday.