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Protect Your Home or Business With Access Control

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As a business or home owner, the security of your family, employees, assets, and customers is a top priority. When choosing a security system for your home or business, you want something simple and cost- effective that is customized to your needs. Most impor­tantly, you need a security system that arms your home or business with the layers of protection that you need. A smart access control system addresses all of these concerns because you have greater visibility and control over who has access to what areas of your home or business and even what days/​times they can get in. Access control is the missing key that enables you to customize home or business access to your exact needs all with the push of a button or the swipe of a card.

Access control systems eliminate excessive physical contact which prevents the spread of illness and tailors your security to your exact speci­fi­ca­tions. Operating wirelessly, access control systems utilize biometrics (facial recog­nition, retina recog­nition, or finger prints), wireless keys, or badges to ensure your safety. With these customized smart keys, you are protecting your business from both the outside and the inside with the ability to segment who can get into which areas and when.

Access Control In Action

Early Burglary Detection

Typically, when a burglar sets their sights on a warehouse or other type of business, this isn’t their first-time burglar­izing. They’ve probably come prepared with special tools to try to hack your system. By installing an access control system, you’ve created a formi­dable barrier for intruders. Tradi­tional metal keys can be lost, stolen, or copied without any restriction. By imple­menting the use of RFID badges, you take the key factor out of the equation. RFID badges are hard to create. If a badge that is not autho­rized is swiped and denied, an alert will be sent to the admin­is­trator. This will give you enough time to send for author­ities and lock down your facility.

Monitoring Areas With Less Visibility

Security cameras are essential to monitoring the perimeter of a warehouse, however cameras can have blind spots. By placing access control points in areas that are in the blind pots of surveil­lance cameras, you are still protecting your perimeter. This may be especially helpful for warehouses, data centers or any business that stores inventory. That inventory is very expensive and by protecting access to those storage areas you greatly improve your overall security posture.

Enhancing Area Security

In a warehouse setting, different employees have different jobs and should have customized access tailored to their unique respon­si­bil­ities. With a typical key system, you are not in control of repro­duction of the keys to the individual areas. Keys can be swiped off of a desk, passed to a friend, or stolen, giving unrestricted access to unautho­rized personnel. By giving different employees’ access to different parts of the building utilizing access control, you are not only protecting your own equipment from possible enter­prising employees, but also making the workflow more efficient by elimi­nating the time it would take to lock and unlock the doors with a physical key.

Real Time Security Audit Capability

An audit can be very valuable for an employer. Access control systems keep logs of keycard swipes, creating a timeline of when a person shows up to work, when they access certain rooms, and when they leave for the day. This knowledge can help employers keep their employee’s atten­dance records up to date. With gathering restric­tions still in place this helps you make sure everyone has room to stay socially distant on the premises.

The audit that the access control security system produces can also assist during the event of a security crisis such as inventory theft. Accurate records of who was in what part of the building at what specific time is vital to putting together a timeline for police to trace. Do you know where every person on the clock is in the building at any given point during the day? With an access control system, you don’t have to. The system logs every­thing you need to know.

With an access control system, you don’t have to have a person staffed to make sure everyone stays in their respective areas. By customizing your employee’s access, you are limiting the amount of exposure each product gets in a warehouse for example. For example, giving your packing employees different creden­tials than your machine operator reduces the amount of people who poten­tially touch or move the packing materials.

Access control security is simple, effective, and customized to your specific needs. If you are ready to learn more, Bates Security offers free consul­ta­tions to evaluate your access control needs and recommend the right system for your business.