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Is DIY Security Worth the Hype?

installing a camera for home

During the last year, we’ve learned how to do many things ourselves since many of the services we took for granted had to shut down. We learned how to do our own haircuts, how to fix faucets, and even how to install flooring. However, during this time, I think it’s safe to say that many people realized that profes­sional and DIY can have very different results. The same should be said for security systems. DIY security is on the rise, but does that mean it’s better than profes­sionally installed and monitored security? Let’s discuss the differ­ences between DIY security and profes­sional security.

First, let’s define DIY security and profes­sional security. A DIY security system is one which you can buy and set up your equipment on your own. These systems usually don’t require a contract, are paid for upfront, and claim to be easier to move for those who move frequently. A profes­sional security system is installed by certified instal­lation techni­cians, which gives you assurance that the system is properly installed. These systems are maintained by the provider and the provider will show you how to get the most out of your system. A profes­sional system requires signing a contact and often involves an instal­lation fee.

The DIY trend is likely here to stay, but another business model is resurging. There is now a tangible need for profes­sional technical services and system mainte­nance. The ability for a profes­sional installer to become a trusted hand in home and business security mainte­nance is now a big plus for consumers. Similarly to the smart­phone industry, when issues arise with a phone, one wouldn’t try to fix a technical problem, they would bring the phone in to the store to be repaired. It can be faulty to rely self-diagnose to repair a DIY security system that is respon­sible for protecting your livelihood or family.

The bottom line is that these issues with DIY home security systems could lead to a heavier reliance on profes­sional home security companies. Customers need reliable help, and most profes­sional companies are set up to provide just that.

Now, let’s discuss the issues that many consumers are reporting with DIY security. While there may be some pros reported by their manufac­turers, unfor­tu­nately each pro is condi­tional. For example, you will save on instal­lation costs but run the risk of not installing your cameras properly so they are less effective. While you aren’t on contract with a security provider, you are respon­sible for all repairs needed on the system. You are also respon­sible for your own monitoring.

1: Perfor­mance Issues

One of the most common issues with DIY security is issues with speed, connection stability, and perfor­mance. Often, if a network is overloaded, the system will go offline. When the system is offline, it won’t record any activity taking place and will leave your home or business vulnerable.

2: Incon­sistent Coverage

When you install a system on your own without the proper training and certi­fi­ca­tions profes­sional techni­cians go through, you’ll unknow­ingly fail to account for all possible entries into a building. The typical DIY home security system only includes coverage of the main doors and a few windows.

3: False Alarms

When you choose to go with a DIY security system, you may inadver­tently install security products that don’t work well together or are too close together. For example, placing two different pieces of equipment near each other might result in electro­mag­netic inter­ference. An experi­enced technician knows what equipment to use to get your desired result and how to install it correctly. Without doing this, the inter­ference may lead to false alarms. Many get so fed up with DIY security false alarms that they end up turning off the system all together, which leaves their home or building vulnerable.

In conclusion, if you are inter­ested in a profes­sional security system, you can schedule your free consul­tation today with a Bates Security expert. Our experts are all NSA certified and can help customize your security to your exact needs.