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Intro­ducing the New Resideo Honeywell Home ProSeries Platform

Resideo Honeywell Home ProSeries Platform

In 2020, the world has seen several shifts in technology and the amount of time spent at home. As adults conduct business meetings from our home offices while their children are learning from their laptops, the amount of time spent at home has drasti­cally risen. Connec­tivity is an even more precious commodity, it is more important than ever to have access to profes­sional monitoring and the benefits of a connected smart home.

On October 8th, 2020, Resideo announced a new residential security panel to their lineup, the Honeywell Home ProSeries Platform. This panel has some exciting new features with powerful encryption capabil­ities. Here are four features to get the most out of the Honeywell Home ProSeries Platform!

1. Hands-Off Approach

Even if you’re at home, more than likely you are constantly busy. With this in mind, it’s very important to be able to arm and disarm your system without having to physi­cally arm the system. The ProSeries Platform offers three hands-off approaches to working with your security system.

Hands-free arming

The panel offers built in voice control so you can arm your security system without going to the actual panel!

Bluetooth disarming

Each panel can connect up to six different devices, all of which you can disarm your system from when you pair it with your Total Connect app.

Alexa, the Google Assistant

That’s right, each panel has Google Assistant and Alexa built into it, so you can have it do tasks for you! Ask it questions about the weather, or ask about the price on gas.

Remote Updates

No more waiting on a technician to come to your house to update your system’s software. The ProSeries Platform system can conduct updates remotely, so you don’t have to worry about it.

2. The Panel

The Panel is one of the most inter­esting features of the new system. The panel is designed to be sleek enough to fit in with any décor, and even resembles a tablet! It has its own stand and can be moved around in the house. Let’s discuss some unique features of the panel.

Touch Screen

The panel features a sleek touch screen, which improves its usability. With a slide of your finger, you can arm your system, control the lights, or blinds, or even the thermostat.

Built In Cameras

Each panel has a built-in camera so you can see who disarmed the system from the panel. This can be beneficial in case of a burglary, so police can quickly identify who disarmed the system.

Online Tutorials

Sometimes it can de difficult to figure out how a certain function works. Instead of relying on someone to pick up your call, thousands of online tutorials are available to watch within the panel!

3. More than just an alarm!

Many fire alarm systems just sound an alarm when disasters strike. The alarm doesn’t specify what happens, which can poten­tially put you into danger if you don’t react. The fire alarm system in the ProSeries Platform offers unique advan­tages for those in the protected area.

Voice System

Ringing bells are technology of the past. With the ProSeries Platform, the alarm system will tell you exactly what’s going on. Is the situation a fire, a burglary, a flood, or even the presence of carbon monoxide? It will tell you!

Instan­ta­neous Response Time

When the alarm is triggered, the command station is notified and the proper response teams are dispatched to your home so you can focus on keeping your family safe.

4. Ultimate Protection

Your safety is extremely important. That’s why your security system should be encrypted. The ProSeries Platform boasts a powerful 128-bit encryption, which is as strong as the encryption for banks and financial institutions.

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