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Healthcare Security in Jacksonville

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In the medical industry, workers are exposed to several safety hazards daily. Whether you manage a large hospital or a small health clinic, there are several risks to avoid when securing your practice. Read the following solutions to ensure that your health and wellness facility and the people in it are healthy, safe and secure. 

Patient and Employee Safety

People in healthcare facil­ities are at an increased risk for violence on the job. Workers and patients in the healthcare industry are nearly 4 times more likely to be victims of workplace violence. Workplace violence commonly happens exter­nally but can be just as common to happen between coworkers. Internal security may be a higher priority to avoid employee theft, workplace violence or viola­tions made in your facility. 

Due to high public traffic and drug inven­tories, security challenges continue to rise.

Control large crowds with fever detection screening solutions. We can help detect people with a potential fever which will lead to containment and limitation of spreading viruses. 

The best way to protect against crime –both internal and external — is to monitor within your facility during and after business hours with access control. Access Control not only allows you to limit access within your facility, but it also allows you to create entry and exit reports of marked areas. 

Surveil­lance System

When you are a manager, doctor or super­visor of a practice, you have a lot on your plate. Staying connected to every department in your practice can be difficult when there are several rooms, patients and employees to supervise. With remote monitoring, you can monitor and generate video reports to ensure that each person is safe and that all regula­tions are met. Real-time monitoring can help you manage visitors while keeping an eye on secured areas and important equipment. 

Meeting Regula­tions

Insurance liabil­ities should already be a top priority for medical opera­tions to regulate. Video surveil­lance and monitoring can help liabil­ities by providing the healthcare profes­sionals with live feeds to monitor patients and help identify potential risks of the facility. 

With access control and video monitoring, your practice can meet the standards for electronic medical history exchange and secure privacy within and out of your facility. Bates Security can design and install a customized system that complies with HIPAA regula­tions so your practice can secure every­thing from prescription drugs to patient history.