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Gunshot Detection Analytics 101

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As of April 2021, 178 mass shooting events have happened in the United States just this year. Each month, the number of these events have climbed. Mass shootings have become a paramount issue and now, indus­tries all over the world have the technology to reduce the response time of first responders to these incidents and save many lives through gunshot detection analytics.

What are Gunshot Detection Analytics?

The idea of gunshot technology isn’t new. It’s been heavily researched by the government since World War I. Today, many businesses, insti­tu­tions, and agencies utilize gunshot detection analytics with their security systems such as hospitals, cities, airports, univer­sities, and large venues. But how does it work?

These analytics use micro­phone sensors to detect possible gun shots. Once triggered, the system will send an alert to security personnel and local law enforce­ments. If the system is profes­sionally monitored, some vendors will send the infor­mation to a command center for experts to verify the infor­mation quickly to prevent false alarms. With other vendors, their models have sensors that will analyze the audio of the gunshot and verify the incident from the audio.

Some gunshot detection technology common installed in schools is integrated with the school’s video surveil­lance systems. This software will immedi­ately activate the cameras in the area where gun shot is detected, then the video surveil­lance will be live streamed to the responding agencies. This data can be crucial for incident commanders when planning the next course of action. These sensors can also lock doors where the gunfire was detected. Some vendors say that their systems can even determine the type of firearm used and how many shots were fired.

How You Can Benefit from Gunshot Detection Technology

Gunshot detection analytics have greatly impacted the way author­ities respond to active shooter incidents. Responders receive alerts and infor­mation much quicker than 911 calls or alarms. This result signif­i­cantly reduces response time to these events, which helps them contain the incident quicker. The system’s infor­mation is more reliable than other security solutions, especially in locations where residents are reluctant to report crime.

Cities have reported instances of an inves­ti­gation resulting from infor­mation received from gunshot detection systems helped them arrest people with outstanding warrants or even illegal firearms. The reach of gunshot analytics goes much further than just mass shooting incidents. It can also alert to single shooting incidents, robberies in progress, and even potential mental health crisis incidents. The goal with gunshot detection analytics is to save more people from being victims or survivors of violent incidents by reducing response time, meanwhile providing invaluable infor­mation from each incident.

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