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Get the 411 on Water Leak Sensors!

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As we move into possibly the coldest months of winter and prepare for the arrival of spring, it’s important to get your home or building ready for any water hazard that might come about. One way you can prepare is to add water leak sensors to your security system! But what is a water leak sensor? How does this work? Let’s explore the impor­tance and benefits of these sensors.

First, let’s define a water leak sensor. A water leak sensor is a super easy-to-use and efficient tool that lets you know when there’s a leak in your home. When you plan to use leak sensors in your home or business, it’s imper­ative to place these sensors in areas that are most vulnerable to water damage (under sinks, behind the washing machine, etc.). By strate­gi­cally placing these sensors, you can be confident that you’ll know as soon as a leak happens. There are many different styles of water leak sensors, but all of them are pretty similar in terms of how they look and function. Most water leak sensors are plastic, but they’re built to be sturdy (even though there’s not really a lot of wear-and-tear” in terms of how they are used). A quality water leak sensor will typically be able to send notifi­cation to your devices as well as sound an alarm when a leak is detected. This is incredibly conve­nient for those who may travel a bit or spend a lot of time away from their home or business.

3 Benefits of Using Water Leak Sensors

1. Water damage prevention

The genius of water leak sensors is that they ensure that a water leak doesn’t go unnoticed for long. Because of the sound, they produce when water comes in contact with them, they’ll let you know almost immedi­ately (and definitely before enough water accumu­lates to do much damage). So, although you might not be thinking about the potential damage that can be caused by a water leak, installing water leak sensors can make sure that water damage (which can be extensive and expensive) doesn’t happen on your property. Water damage can be incredibly expensive to repair. And, in some cases, water damage is irreparable. While most homeowners fear fires more than anything, water damage is actually much more common.

2. Push Notifications

Sensors like the Resideo water leak sensors can send you notifi­ca­tions through the Total Connect app. This means that they can alert you even when you’re not home! If you’re away from your business or renting your home out, this feature can be vital for getting to a leak in time to prevent severe water damage from occurring while you are away!

3. Keeping you totally protected

There are some places in houses or buildings that are naturally overlooked, like behind toilets or washing machines. Instead of relying on yourself to explore these places, using water leak sensors takes the human error out of checking for water leaks. This will help you keep the area in check, either by cleaning, organizing, or having better strategies to avoid spills and leaks.

Get Started Now

When looking to buy water leak detectors for your home, it might be tempting to go with a DIY model; however, one of the most significant benefits to using water leak sensors from Bates Security is we can pair them with your own security system, so all of your sensors are integrated into one place. Schedule your free consultation with a Bates Security expert to learn more information. As a Resideo Premier Dealer, we’ll match you with the most useful sensors for your home or business on the market all while being able to connect them to your BatesConnect app. Don’t delay, get started today!