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July 24, 2019


  • Many warehouses use gates to track goods as they move in and out of storage buildings. Adding ID badges to existing employees can maintain personnel and asset security by monitoring for best safety practices. 
  • Use fencing as a security tool. It is hard to control what is not contained. With or without security options, having a fenced in location is an extra layer of protection to create a safe atmosphere. 
  • Get to know your team. Understanding the threats and communicating those can make others aware of the impressions your warehouse has. You could improve motivation or reduce internal theft by simply bonding with your company and finding out problems that you did not notice before. 


Fire Safety and Evacuation

Bates Security understands the importance of fire detection and emergency notification for your employees and facilities. At Bates Security, we have customized systems to provide emergency safety notification for any size building. 24/7 monitoring and service of all systems are an advantage to notify employees and protect your assets. Warehouse fires are common and costly. According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System, there are approximately 1,210 warehouse fires each year and cause about $155 million in damage.

Video Solutions

View production, shipping, imports and inventory with our HD, 360- or 180- degree panoramic video solutions.

Video allows you to control employee entrances, parking garages and secured areas to ensure safety and security throughout your building.

Control Industrial Access

Electronic locks allow you to track employees by name, date, time and doors accessed throughout the building. If high-turnover is apparent in your workplace, easily deactivate employees immediately. Save money from re-keying and prevent past employees from entering your facility at the same time.

Our access control systems integrate with our security systems, allowing certain employees to disarm the warehouse without giving them permission to enter another departments. 

Alarm and Intrusion

Bates Security offers wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverage that is ideal for manufacturing and distribution centers. When an alarm is triggered, our monitoring professionals can listen and watch in to determine whether a break-in is actually happening. They are able to verify and immediately dispatch the police. Being able to verify an alarm means that police response time is faster, apprehensions rates are higher and your loss is lowered. 

Remotely view and manage your security, access control and camera system from anywhere with Bates Security. We provide the best, unique and effective solutions that protect your business. Call us today and get your FREE CONSULTATION.

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