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Even Batman Has A Home Security System

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Think super­heros are invin­cible? Think again! They may have amazing powers that allow them to keep the public-at-large sleeping a little safer at night, but don’t be fooled by their phenomenal powers. Even Batman has a home security system. After all, the Batcave is filled with top-of-the-line technology and personal infor­mation that, if infil­trated, could negatively affect people all over the world. As such, it seems only fitting that if Batman has a home security system, maybe you should consider one for your own home (or cave) too.

How does Batman keep his Batcave safe?

When evil is lurking outside of his cave, the first line of defense is showing the faces of the enemy. Motion sensors can be an easy and affordable deterrent to potential wrong-doings. Often times, criminals are like roaches; as soon as you turn the lights on, they scatter back into the dark crevices of the universe. Motion sensors make it possible for you to illuminate your space without being present when every sound and movement is made.

Silent Alarms

Whether he’s at home or saving the planet, Batman employs silent alarms that notify him of potential problems around his home. If you own a home or business, a silent alarm, or panic button, can be a perfect addition to your home security system. With a panic button, should a villain enter your premises, the quick push of a button is alerting emergency responders that you are in danger. In either case, you’re protected by an advanced system and network of profes­sionals that are skilled at knowing how to come to your rescue, should trouble present itself.

Reinforced Doors

Okay, you may not want to have steal and lead mechanical doors greeting your visitors at every entrance of your home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep yourself safe with some easy reinforce­ments. If you like to keep your screen door open during the day, make sure it has the ability to lock. Screen doors are certainly not the most secure barriers between you and the outside world, but if you’re only using them during daylight hours, a lock is often good enough to deter unwanted visitors from invading your space. At night, and when you’re not at home, reinforce your doors with deadbolts.


When the Batsignal finds its way high in the sky, Batman has to run, and when that happens, there isn’t anyone in the cave to make sure that the homestead stays safe. This is just the same as your home when you need to leave for work or when you go out for a night of fun. Batman employs cameras with his home security system that allow perpe­trators to be caught on tape if they should penetrate his already super-reinforced Batcave. Let’s face it; many thieves are pretty smart people. They may have the ability to infil­trate some parts of a home security system, but in the end, when you have their faces on camera, they only have so much time left before the law catches up to them.


The Batcave knows its owner, but that isn’t an easy situation to recreate. On the other hand, there are certainly parts of a home security system that you can set to know you, and only you. Creating codes that allow you home to know that you are you will help keep your home safe.

Feeling unpro­tected by your current door locks? Batman may be the quiet keeper of Gotham City, but Bates Security is here to help keep the rest of the country safe and secure. Contact us today so we can tell you more about our city-saving safety features!