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Enhanced Security with Upgraded Video Surveil­lance Technology

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Criminals develop more and more advanced techniques every day, which means we need more advanced security. Video surveil­lance has come a long way from grainy, sped-up images that were virtually useless in identi­fying suspects. Today, cameras can do a lot more. You can capture images in 4k resolution and add some seriously smart software behind the scenes to give your monitoring an automated upgrade.

At Bates Security, our latest video surveil­lance system includes an entire toolbox full of features that all add to your security.

  • Analytics-Enabled Cameras
  • Cloud Managed Server
  • Faster Video Export & Sharing
  • Enhanced Cyber­se­curity

Let’s take a look under the hood of these upgrades so that you can see what they’ll do for your business once installed.

Upgrade Your Video Surveillance Technology

Contact Bates Security today to learn how to opt-in to upgraded video surveillance. As a police-trusted, award-winning business security designer, we always work to stay on the cutting edge of security solutions.

Analytics-Enabled Cameras

Having security personnel focused on display screens for most of their shift isn’t the most efficient use of manpower, but how else can one set of eyes monitor most of your property? The answer is analytics-enabled cameras. These cameras can distin­guish between people and vehicles. Plus, they can track line-crossing events.

If a person crosses a restricted area, your security team gets notified. If a vehicle crosses the imaginary line setup for your cameras, they get a notifi­cation, too. This allows your on-site security to be more responsive and flexible as events occur.

Cloud Managed Server

Video surveil­lance is only as good as your data storage. If you can’t access the recordings quickly, they can be virtually worthless. Tradi­tional server storage offered added security, but with cloud management capability, this now gets an upgrade that includes relia­bility, flexi­bility, and conve­nience improve­ments. With a cloud managed server for your surveil­lance data, you get:

  • Centralized management
  • System health monitoring
  • Cyber­se­curity
  • Email sharing
  • Quicker service due to remote capabilities

Faster Video Export & Sharing

Accessing stored video is faster than ever, but so is the ability to send it to someone else. The improved cloud connection increases data transfer speeds, which makes exporting and sharing the video much more stream­lined. If you need access to the video, you don’t want to wait for several hours while files compress for sending, and with newer, faster sharing, you don’t have to.

The management interface for your stored video also makes it easier to search videos to find a specific incident or compile reports. Real-time alerts can go out via mobile, which is only possible with a faster connection between your cameras and your monitoring system. Plus, the interface is very user-friendly, letting you train security staff more quickly.

Enhanced Cyber­se­curity

How can a video surveil­lance technology upgrade help with cyber­se­curity? In several ways. It all starts with protecting your data as it transmits from your company to your cloud-based storage. With updates streaming from the cloud, you don’t need to worry about missing security patches for software vulnerabilities.

New security protocols also include multi-factor authen­ti­cation, reducing the risk of an unautho­rized user logging in with stolen creden­tials. It can be, unfor­tu­nately, easy to get creden­tials that aren’t yours, but the added diffi­culty of an additional authen­ti­cation method can dramat­i­cally reduce the utility of those credentials.

We also provide end-to-end encryption on all your files stored in the cloud. Even if those files were compro­mised, it would take additional time for a data thief to gain access.

When combined with easy training to get all employees up to speed on best practices for data security, you have a video surveil­lance system that does a surprising amount of cyber­se­curity heavy lifting.

Ready for better protection for your business?

Let the Bates Security team deliver award-winning security solutions for your business. Our enhanced video surveillance options let you take advantage of cloud-based storage and better cybersecurity and introduce analytics specific to video monitoring.