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Employee Spotlight — Scott Green

Scott Green at his desk

At Bates Security, we are thankful for each employee. Matter of fact, we are nothing without them! Our employees are like family and we appre­ciate every­thing they do to make us the best.

Meet Scott Green, our Sales Manager. Scott has been at Bates Security for 15 years. Scott started as a security consultant, origi­nally in our Kentucky office. When Bates Security opened in Jacksonville, he traveled with the owner, Bryan Bates to help with new sales in the Jacksonville area. Now, Scott has grown into the sales management position and continues to support our team and help drive our team in the right direction. Thank you Scott for every­thing you do!

What Scott Enjoys At Bates Security…

quote from Scott Green

As a security consultant, Scott mentioned that the best part of his job was when he was invited in to local businesses to see the background and work behind each one. He said that it was great to be shown things and the processes that most people do not get to experience and have the oppor­tunity to protect it.

As a sales manager, Scott enjoys to see other people learn new things. Seeing the other sales consul­tants have success in working with clients that didn’t know how much Bates Security would help them as a security partner is a great advantage of being a manager, Scott claims. 

About Scott

Scott enjoys eating at new places in the Jacksonville area and spending time with his family. Being from Kentucky, Scott really enjoys the nice Jacksonville weather all year long!