Back to School Safety Tips

September 03, 2019

Protecting local families is key to Bates Security. To protect your family as you are getting back to school schedules, we have gathered a few tips on what to look for and to be mindful of this school year. 

Home Alone

If your child is old enough to be at home alone before or after school, you may want the extra peace of mind knowing they are safe. Bates Security offers security options inside and outside of the home so you are able to answer and unlock doors, check in, listen, speak to and much more. 

With or without smart automation options, make sure your child is ready to be home alone. Talk with your kids and make sure they are ready and know emergency plans in case of events. 

Bus Safety

Teach your child to play it SAFE when it comes to riding the bus. 

tay five steps away from the curb. 
lways wait until the bus comes to a complete stop. 
ace forward while riding on the bus.
xit the bus when it stops and look left-right-left before crossing the street.

Play it SAFE:

School Supplies

Students cannot avoid school supplies but they can avoid the possible injuries from them with a few simple tips. 

  • Place heavier items first in backpacks so there is less strain on the upper back. 
  • Children should always use both backpack straps and all compartments so weight is distributed evenly. 
  • Art supplies should always be child safe and non-toxic. Look on packaging to ensure they are non-hazardous.
  • There are no laws regulating toxic chemicals in school supplies but CoPIRG has made a safer school supplies shopping guide to help teachers and parents make informed decisions.

Avoid Distractions

Let's work together on avoiding distractions and have plans for when distractions come into the picture.

  • Whether it is you driving or your child walking, avoid cell phone use in school zones. 
  • Emphasize how important it is that your child goes straight home or to a designated location after school unless permission is given. 
  • In case of distractions, your child should know what to do in case of a stranger encounter. If someone approaches your child asking for directions or telling them "mom or dad" is hurt, have an action plan in place. 

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