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Are DIY Security Systems a Cost Effective Choice?

image of DIY security systems a cost effective choice?

When it comes to a home security system, you can either contract with a profes­sional or attempt to install a unit yourself. Many people are tempted to choose a do-it-yourself (DIY) system because of the cost savings; however, there are actually several disad­van­tages you should consider before doing so. You may end up paying more for a DIY system! 

Installing a security system is more compli­cated than it seems

It is not uncommon for people to attempt DIY instal­lation, only to discover that it is a far more compli­cated project than they had antic­i­pated. Many of these homeowners find they are unable to complete instal­lation and need to call a profes­sional anyway. Others go ahead and complete the process but do so incor­rectly, thereby reducing their system’s effec­tiveness. Ask yourself, if your system is not operating effec­tively, is the money you save by installing it yourself really worth it?

Security systems are time-consuming to install

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Even if you are able to install your system properly, you will need to devote a great deal of time to this project. That will not be the case when you hire a profes­sional, as you can simply sit back and relax while trained techni­cians perform their work. Most security systems can be installed in just a couple of hours, and appoint­ments may also be scheduled at night or on the weekend if need be.

DIY units may not function properly

A common problem with many DIY security systems is the fact that they often do not operate properly. Whether due to improper instal­lation or faulty compo­nents, DIY systems often fail, leaving homeowners vulnerable to break-ins. Some units are also notorious for repeated false alarms, something that can be bothersome to both you and your neighbors. Too many false alarms might even catch you off guard in the event there is an actual break-in. Not to mention that each home in Fayette County and Madison County with a monitored security system installed is required to have a false-alarm permit filed with the city. DIY companies often do not disclose this infor­mation, which may result in costly fines for the customer.

There may be hidden expenses

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When choosing DIY security, a big draw for many people is the idea of saving money. The actual amount you save could be far less than you had origi­nally antic­i­pated, as there are often hidden expenses involved. For example, you may need to rent or purchase tools, make struc­tural modifi­ca­tions, or even hire someone to complete certain aspects of instal­lation such as wiring. When you add up these hidden costs, it may actually be more costly to install a home security alarm yourself. 

Monitoring is often substandard

After installing their security system, many homeowners quickly become disgruntled with the quality of their monitoring service. Rather than responding quickly, there could be extended hold times to reach a repre­sen­tative. Every minute counts when it comes to your family’s safety, so you should be aware of the fact that it might take emergency personnel much longer to reach you.

Service techni­cians are unavailable

Alarm systems contain a number of mechanical parts that can wear out over time, after all, they are simply electronic devices. Should you experience a malfunction, DIY subscribers do not have the ability to contact a service technician to assist you. Finding someone to perform repairs might also be a challenge, in which case you could have to do without service for an extended period of time (while you are still required to pay your monthly costs).

In the long run, profes­sional instal­lation provides you with more bang for your buck, and is overall the wiser solution. For help in choosing the security system that is right for your home or office, please contact Bates Security for a no-oblig­ation, free security quote.