APL Feature

August 05, 2019

What is so special about APL?

Honeywell's Advanced Protection Logic (APL), is an advanced system that is designed to protect an all-in-one wireless system from a break-in where the intruder attempts to destroy the keypad or head device. Having a wireless system is an advantage itself due to the decrease in burglars ability to shut down systems by simply cutting wires. The wireless system can not be shut off easily nor disconnected without sounding an alarm. 

If the control panel  is located by the main entry to the home or business with the all-in-one design, there is a security risk that an intruder could break-in through a protected door and destroy the entire unit before an alarm is triggered. Without APL logic, this would be a huge flaw in a security system. 

Fortunately, Honeywell made the APL logic for situations just like this. As the door may be opened by an intruder, the central station waits for a delay to disarm the system. If the signal is never received because of the system being destroyed, the alarm is activated and the police are notified immediately. 

The APL Logic will not protect your system from being broken, but it can make sure a break-in generates an alarm so you and authorities can be alerted. 

In Lexington, KY

It was a late Friday night/early Saturday morning of June 2019 when an intruder broke the door to a local pharmacy in Lexington, KY. The burglar continued to hear the beeping of the alarm system so immediately he runs to smash the system. Even by smashing the keypad, the burglar did not turn off the system. With our awesome technology, a signal had already been sent to the monitoring station, allowing them to dispatch the police immediately. 

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