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5 Ways to Secure Your Basement

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One of the easiest ways to access a home is the basement. While its true that burglars enter homes mainly through front door or other first level acces­si­bility, some choose to make their way in from down low. The unfor­tunate truth is that basements are rarely secured as tightly as main level doors and windows. Let us take a look at some ways to secure your basement to the fullest.

1. Clear Windows

One of the keys to maintaining a secure basement is to keep your basement windows visible. This seems a bit counter-intuitive as most homeowners think that hiding possible entry points will serve to protect the house. Do not let shrubbery overgrow to mask these entryways. It will allow a burglar to hide behind something while making his way into your living space. You want your windows to be easily seen by neighbors and those who pass by. So avoid planting shrubs and flowers by those windows and trim those that are nearby on a regular basis. It will make a burglar think twice about trying to break into your home through the basement.

2. Protect The Windows

While clearing out the area by your windows will prove critical to giving an intruder second thoughts, you should take the extra step for enhanced protection. Add bars to your basement windows so that thieves can not access them. Unpro­tected windows are sometimes weak enough to be kicked in or smashed with little effort. Do not give burglars an easy way into your home’s foundation. Bars are an incredibly effective deterrent. They tell burglars that you mean business and that you have gone to great lengths to protect your home. Bars do not have to be unsightly. They come in all different types of styles, colors and shapes. They can always swing open so that you can exit in case of an emergency. You can even opt for removable bars that can be uninstalled in little time.

3. Security System

Your home security system can extend all the way to the basement. Be sure to put a sticker on your property near your basement windows to announce to thieves that you have installed a security system to protect your home’s foundation. This is an excellent deterrent. If a thief attempts to access your basement through your window, your home’s entry sensor will trigger the alarm. The monitoring company will contact the author­ities and the burglar will likely flee or be caught.

4. Add Security Film

If you would prefer to not use bars, opt for security film. It protects window glass from objects, natural disasters and intruders but is a bit more aesthet­i­cally pleasing than bars. The film really will prevent a thief from accessing your basement. Some are easy enough to be installed yourself.

5. Water Detection

Be sure to install a water detection system in your home’s basement to prevent major damage. This involves the placement of special sensors in your basement and/​or laundry room to notify the monitoring company when there is flooding or any sort of leak. Your basement’s water detection will operate 24÷7÷365. You can even be alerted to flooding or leaks through an alert on your smart­phone or by e‑mail.

It is imper­ative that you reinforce your basement’s entryways. Your home is just as vulnerable from windows and doors that lead to your basement as it is from the door in the front of the house. All it takes is a few precau­tions and you will be able to rest easy knowing that you have done all that you can to protect your home and family.