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5 Surprising Reasons to Install a Home Security Camera System

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Home security camera systems are an invaluable component of any complete home security system. Motion sensors and alarms are wonderful at alerting your security company of intruders or random mishaps within your home. Security camera systems, on the other hand, provide a whole other set of advan­tages and benefits. Here are five surprising reasons to install a home security camera.

1. Keep An Eye On The Kids

If you have tweens or teenaged kids who are often at home unsuper­vised for stretches of time, security camera systems allow you to unobtru­sively check in on them from a remote location. Being able to confirm for your own eyes that members of your household and staff are safe and sound is reassuring.

If you have elderly family members who receive home care, security cameras enable you to ensure they are at peace and being well cared for while you’re away.

2. Keep Underage Hands Off

Combine motion detection with in-home cameras to ward against underage family members entering spaces they shouldn’t, such as gun or liquor cabinets. Just the knowledge of the cameras and the detectors is often suffi­cient to prevent any such attempts.

3. See Spot Run

Many of our Bates Security team members have family pets we love like people. We know how deep are the bonds between master and puppy. But we also know how rambunc­tious and mischievous the average dog or cat can be.

A security camera is just the tool for monitoring your pet’s activity while you’re out of the house. This serves as a tremendous advantage to the end of keeping your pet safe and out of harm’s way or anyone else’s way — especially concerning exotic pets.

4. Bag The Bad Guys

Do a keyword search via any video search engine, and you’ll discover actual video of homeowners inter­cepting burglars in mid-crime. While the thought of intruders is dreadful, it is a reality.

How did the homeowners in these videos intercept the burglars? In each case, homeowners checked up on their own property via live feeds from their home security camera systems. By alerting the author­ities while the burglary was in process, they thwarted the villains and suffered no loss of property.

Now, imagine taking your family on vacation while having live access to your home and property via camera? At last, you can enjoy a truly no-stress vacation and even be in two places simul­ta­ne­ously — so to speak.

5. Ka-ching!

Installing security camera systems increases the overall value of your property. It sends a positive message to your neighbors and instills a sense of safety and security within prospective buyers. It shows you’re prudent and that your home is well protected, two factors that translate psycho­log­i­cally into your home’s perceived and actual value.

In this sense, security camera systems are a minor investment in your home whose returns are quantifiable and quite impressive.

Other Features to Consider

Your new Bates Security security camera system can provide live streaming video, or with it you can:

  • record video
  • store clips
  • and take snapshots

You can also get set up to receive text or photo email notifi­ca­tions when an event occurs. Better safe than what? You know the old saying. At Bates Security, our business and pleasure are the same: Helping to keep you safe. It’s more than cameras or business. It’s about your peace of mind. We’re happy to contribute.