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5 Reasons to Consider Home Video Surveillance

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Your home should be where you feel the safest. In fact, if you are like most, you keep every­thing that is near and dear to your heart in the home. Your spouse, your children and all your valuable posses­sions reside within those four walls. Having a burglary alarm is certainly an effective means for protecting all that is in your home. If you want to find a way to enhance those security measures, however, video surveil­lance would be an excellent first step toward that goal. There are many benefits to having home video surveil­lance. Here are five:

1. Crime deterrent

In addition to recording things going on in and around your home, visible video cameras can act as not-too-subtle deter­rents to anyone who is thinking about entering your property with malicious intent. In most cases, the intention of the would-be burglar is to get into your home as easily as possible. If you have a sign in the yard indicating that your home has a monitored burglary system as well as visible video surveil­lance system, odds are they will move on to an easier mark.”

2. Check the children

photo of children playing

As much as you would like to, it is not always possible to be home when your children get out of school. Work schedules and other oblig­a­tions often trump the ability to physi­cally be there, but you want to make sure that they are home safe all the same. Making sure that there is a getting home” ritual in place is good, but kids can sometimes forget to make that important phone call to let you know that they have made it in the door. A video camera with event-driven notifi­ca­tions set up on Bates Connect is a great solution for this. 

If you have children who are not yet school-aged, but are rather still in diapers, a camera in the nursery is another ideal means for watching over them. Whether you are sleep-training your infant or it is just nap time, you would be able to watch your little one on a connected device from anywhere, inside or outside the house.

photo of a dog on a couch

If you have fur babies” in addition to (or instead of) the two-legged variety, having a camera in the home would allow you to watch over them as well. You can log in on a computer, phone or tablet to view streaming video, record and store video clips, or take snapshots. There is also a function which would allow you to receive event-driven e‑mail alerts, should you so choose.

4. Survey the baby sitter

Whether there is a full-time nanny watching your children while you are at work or you have hired a baby sitter while you are out for an evening with other grown-ups,” having video surveil­lance available so you can see what is going on with your kids can allow you to go out with confidence.

5. Evidence for apprehension

In the event that your home is burglarized, your monitored burglary system will make sure that the author­ities are notified quickly. Added video surveil­lance would give you the ability to catch the culprit on tape”. A still frame photo of the burglar coming in to your door or passing by an interior camera is an extra bit of evidence which would help make sure that he or she is caught and taken off the streets.

Keeping track of what is happening on your property can be a full-time job. A video surveil­lance system installed by the profes­sionals at Bates Security can help give you and extra set of eyes to work with.