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5 Common Miscon­cep­tions About Burglars

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Most Homeowners are unaware of the aston­ishing number of burglaries that occur annually in the United States. In a single year, it is estimated that two million burglaries occur. But homeowners don’t have to be helpless. People who plan and act proac­tively can protect their loved ones and treasures. Let’s look at some common miscon­cep­tions of burglary to shed some light on the reality of home invasion.

1. Burglars will break in windows, pry open garage door, or sneak in to basements!

This truly isn’t the case. The most common entry point for burglars is the doors. And most go for the front door over the other house doors. 36 percent of break ins occur because the owner of the property left the door open or unlocked.

How to prepare: It is very important that as property owners keep doors shut and locked at all times to preserve the integrity of the home. Another important task is to get a burglar alarm installed at all points of entry.

2. Firearms and appli­ances are the most common stolen items

Thieves know that most often the most valuable items in a home are the appli­ances. They also know that appli­ances are difficult to transport. They don’t want to waste their time lugging those monsters out of the homes. Only 2 percent of burglaries occur in which firearms are taken. The most common stolen items are actually electronics.

How to prepare: Homeowners should have installed entry sensors in rooms containing their electronics. For an added layer of protection for you and your devices, a burglar alarm is a great asset.

3. Break ins only occur under the concealment of Night

Surprising enough, a majority of break ins occur during the day. At night, while they may be able to hide themselves, this also hinders their sight. Along with this, burglars pick times when people are at work to break into houses. A big reason why they go during the day is to avoid being confronted by the property owner. A whopping 40 percent of break ins occur in daylight.

How to prepare: Having an armed and active alarm system is one of the first steps to protecting your home while you are away.

4. Believing a break in is rare and unlikely

Most people believe that someone breaking into to their house is slim to none. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the United States alone, there is a home break every 15 seconds. Burglars look for routines that are consistent, like when an owner returns from work or goes to the store, finding times when the home is vacant. Burglars can also disguise themselves as service workers and case homes during the day.

How to prepare: Often­times, a burglar alarm is all it takes to avoid becoming a statistic.

5. Burglars take a lot of time breaking into homes

Burglars choose homes that are easy targets. They look for homes with poorly secured doors and entry ways. For homes of full-time people. In most cases, a burglar only needs 10 seconds to breach a poorly secured door, after which it can take upwards of 20 minutes for the police to respond. All the while, the burglar is out in 8 minutes, with ever crossing paths with the home owner.

How to prepare: Burglars will often pass by a home that has a visible security system. 

While the general masses maybe uninformed or at least under educated about burglaries, they do not have to sit idle by and accept the threat. Sometimes a burglar alarm is all it takes. Those who are especially concerned can invest in a compre­hensive security system that provides the best security. By taking precau­tions, homeowners will be able to rest easy knowing that they have done what they can to the beat of their ability to protect themselves and their valuables.