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3 Ways to Make Your Community Safer

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If you are looking to make your community a better place to live, you can make a positive impact by becoming involved. If you do your part, you will inspire those around you to make an impact as well. Many homeowner’s associ­a­tions in Lexington have Facebook groups that make it very easy to get to know your neigh­bor’s neighbor in our busy, digital world. Here are three easy steps to take to make your neigh­borhood a safer place.

1. Say Hello To Locals

Increase the commu­ni­cation with your neighbors. Not only will you make new friends, you will also establish peace of mind about people on your street. If you notice anyone who is new in the neigh­borhood, introduce yourself and find out about your new neighbor. You will become acquainted with one another’s habits and eventually notice when something is out of the ordinary. It is a good idea to let one of your neighbors know when you are going out of town so they will keep a watchful eye out. If you are friendly and offer the same help to your neighbors, you will soon have a nice support system built right into your neighborhood.

2. Create A Neigh­borhood Watch Program

One of the best things that you can do as a group of locals is to start a neigh­borhood watch within your community. Put up signs and make it known that there is a line of self-defense to be reckoned with. You should get together with your watch group on a regular basis to perform community initia­tives. Clean local parks or parking lots, have a community cookout or potluck or other outdoor event. More people will become inter­ested in the neigh­borhood watch program when they can interact with one another in a fun local activity that is just a few feet from home. 

3. Creating Change Through Local Government

Although tapping into local government for more police or security resources is not always an efficient means of solving the problem, something as small as a community complaint can impact policy. City council members will listen to your security concerns and complaints. Your social activism really does have the potential to shape your commu­nity’s future and improve your personal safety. If you voice your concerns loudly enough, you will gather attention from others who who have similar feelings and more people will push with you to create actual social change. Increased signs in neigh­bor­hoods and speed bumps are done through local government agencies.

Create The Change That You Want To See In Your Community

The ideas outlined above will not likely produce immediate changes. They are the next best thing to an increased police presence in your area and a home security system that will protect your property. Get involved with your community, voice your concerns to local government and find others who share your same values. You will eventually have enough momentum to make a genuinely positive impact on your neighborhood.