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3 Ways to Boost Your Home Security During the School Year

The school year has begun, which means your family is transi­tioning into new routines and extracur­ricular activ­ities which require new and better ways to maintain clear commu­ni­cation. Staying connected to the activity at home isn’t always easy. It’s going to be essential for your family to get the most out of your system! Here are some quick tips for you to remember for this school year.

1. See when your kids get home through your Connect app!

Relying on a text or a phone call from your child telling you when they get home can be difficult. They could have forgotten their phone, need to charge their phone, or just got carried away with other tasks, which leaves you worrying. With your connected security app, you’ll be able to check in on your child remotely and put your mind at ease. With a profes­sionally installed and monitored ProSeries security system by Resideo, your home will be equipped with a secure video doorbell so you can stay in-the-know and watch as the kids come home. And with Alexa voice services, you can perform even more tasks simply by using your voice. Including dropping’ in on the local Alexa device to say hello!

2. Keep Comfort in Mind

If you’re still dealing with the summer heat and running your AC, it’s inevitable that the autumn chill will be upon us soon and your AC will flip to heat. You don’t want to waste energy and money with your home if you don’t have to! Use your thermostat to help you conserve energy when you’re all away and to keep it comfortable when you are home by using geofencing or setting a schedule. For those of you with a house full of children working on homework, here’s a tip from Resideo: if your kids are prepping for a big test or writing a paper, set your smart thermostat to 77 degrees Fahrenheit while they study. Because, according to a Cornell study, warmer workers perform better and 77 degrees Fahrenheit is the temper­ature that results in fewer mistakes – compared to setting the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Set a Schedule for Your Lights

Home automation technology has grown exponen­tially in the last decade and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With current home automation systems, you can remotely adjust the light or even program certain lights to turn on or off at specific times during the day. You may also want to have the lights turn on for your family at a certain time in the evening as everyone comes home.

One way you can use your lights to help boost your family’s morning routine is to program the lights in your children’s bedrooms to turn on at their waking time. Each morning will become much easier with a program­mable smart light routine. This light can be programmed to be an automatic light switch, or you can even program the lights to gradually turn on, simulating the early morning sunrise. This will help them wake up naturally, which will help them be more alert and pleasant.

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